Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Winter on the Ranch

It looks like winter is here to stay. Well, at least for awhile. Of course Christmas day was still plus 16, warm, and sunny so, I shouldn't bitch too much. Took a long walk with just my sweat shirt and shorts. Highly unusual for the great white north. Then, as it will, the temperatures dropped and so did the white stuff. I went from wearing shorts to long pants, winter coats, head bands and neck warmers.

Today the sun came out after being cloudy and kind of miserable for a few days, and even though I still had to bundle up and wear spikes on my shoes to stop from killing myself on the ice, I had a great walk with the hell hounds.

All in all this autumn was pretty nice. We managed to get all of our wood cut, bucked, split and stacked before the snow fell. Wood for the winter of 2017/2018. Oh yeah, two years worth of wood already to go. Woot. And it was all done with having to worry about being chewed alive by black flies, mosquitoes and other loathsome critters. So much better!!!!

Our new chickens seem to be weathering the season not bad, so far anyway. And seeing as it hasn't really been too cold that should be the case. We wrapped the outdoor run with plastic so that even on the bad, snowy days they would be able to go outside the coop for awhile. Now, whenever the sun comes out it is almost tropical in there. Like a green house. We have eight new guineas and nine chickens together. The idea was that the guineas would become much more domesticated because of their influence. So far they have been giant asshats to the chickens. Yeah, that's not working. The old guineas are pretty much trained, but they are in their old coop and don't spend much time giving a shit about the new birds. They are easy peasy when it comes to taking care of them.

Well, back to editing.