Sunday, July 28, 2013

Days Fly...

I cannot believe how the days are flying by, seems like only yesterday that I was sitting at my blog writing and feeling that I would absolutely get back to writing in it on a regular basis.  But here I am weeks later and feeling like the last thing I want to do is sit and write on it.  Summer just seems to do that to me, it drains me of all the energy I have for the stuff I usually love to do.  And I cannot blame it on good weather because frankly, this summer has stunk to the high, we have had rain, rain, high humidity, cloudy skies, muggy air, and more rain.  At least today the sun seems to want to make a bit of an appearance. 

So before I go off to the road and another bug infested encounter while I run I thought I would sit and do some quick catch up.  Well perhaps not catch up but a little bit of actual writing stuff in random spurts until I run out of steam.  (Steam is something I have a whole lot of, thanks to warm wet weather. 

Yesterday I actually ran two kilometers...yay me.  The hound and I walked 6 and ran 2, it feels kind of nice, not having to expend a shit ton of time to the suffering part.  I am hoping by the time I do get my mileage up to a respectable point the weather will have cooled down enough to kill off all the flying critters that make life not so much fun in the bush.  The kidlet and I are planning on doing a five k on October 19th this year, which means I have a couple of months to ease into the five k distance.  I'm glad I didn't decide on a ten k, just looking at it from this side makes me tired...and feel my knees protesting too loud. 

Twenty years ago today my suddenly passed away.  Twenty years!  Wow, so hard to believe.  One second he was here, the next he wasn't, and now he's been gone for two decades.  Funny how in the beginning I didn't think much about him.  Every once in awhile I'd tell a story or two, but now, it seems like he is on my mind a lot.  Dad was quite a mix of good and bad, like most of us I guess.  He was a great story teller, but had the worst of the worst for health habits, drank too much, smoked too much, and ate pretty much everything he shouldn't.  And was proud of it.  His ashes are floating around his favourite hunting grounds now, at least I know he would have liked that.  Giving back to nature where he enjoyed being above all else. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Heat Wave Central

Man oh man, we went from 16 degrees to 37 yesterday.  Today looks as if it will be around the same.  Yikes.  I have an 8k planned and I think it may be just a tad bit too hot for that.  Maybe I'll do a 6k and finish off with a dip in the lake.  Which by the way, is up over two feet.  Two feet!!!!!  Now that is what I call a lot of moisture. 

Hubby is out putting a new log splitter through its paces today.  A neighbour down the road purchased a new 20 ton splitter and has been keeping it here, he told hubby to go ahead and use it if he wants to.  So now I have been given instructions to start saving for a new log splitter for next spring. of us needs to get a job. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

A New Day Dawns

Happy Canada Day to everyone from the rainy, rainy, rainy east coast.  Our lake is only up another six inches.  I'm starting to wonder if I will ever see the sun again.  :) 

Although I did have a rather enjoyable 8k in the drizzle this afternoon.  The Poop Brigade and parents just left to go and watch the fireworks in New Germany.  The only fireworks I want to see tonight is the excitement of brushing my teeth.!