Saturday, November 29, 2014


I love the fact that on days like today I am self employed.  I can do what I want, when I want.  My wants included finishing a story (rant) and going for a walk and then perhaps doing a little more writing after the fact.  So done, done, and getting there. 

My walk was brisk, the sun was shining, the roads were wet, and now the hell hound is covered in three inch long muddy icicles from stem to stern.  Does anyone know the physics behind warm dog + wet water = long icicles?  Presently I have her tied to the door thawing out so I can take a towel and then dry her off.  The alternate would be to allow her to wander all over the house and then kill her.  

Did I mention that the sun was shining?  Because sweet baby jeebus it is.  I'm loving that.  Although at this time of the year when the sun shines it means the house gets pretty toasty.  It shines straight in through the front windows and heats up the back wall.  Many times I have to throw them open a few times to allow some of the cool air to take it down a few million degrees.  But if this sounds like a isn't. 

Yesterday I did a run into the city in record time.  Drove in...right to the place I needed to go...found the store without GPS...they had what I wanted...bought two so I wouldn't have to redo the drive any time soon...and then drove home.  And here is the best part - the flurries they were predicting did not happen so I didn't have to white knuckle it.  That is a great, big bag of awesome. 

Now I have to go and figure out what I want to bake for tomorrow.  I have a friend who is doing a book launch and I need to bring treats.  

Monday, November 24, 2014

Horizontal Water

I just got home from giving the kid a helping hand at her shack.  She is doing the back to school thing and therefore has somewhat less time with the regular run of the mill things like waking up, and that's where I occasionally come in.  I'm not a big fan of leaving the ranch so it has to be important, interesting, or for someone who I happen to like a lot and is in need of a hand.  Oh and food...I like to eat therefore I am forced to leave and restock.  Once I make a zillion dollars from my the lottery, I will be paying someone to do that chore for me. 

Right now the wind has picked up, and seeing as it is currently raining, the water seems to be falling horizontally.  The hell hound keeps going to the door and standing there giving me the evil eye.  Or in her case the, look at how cute I am and don't you feel like letting me outside eye.  So I go over, open the door, and watch her stick her head out and then back up.  I gently place my foot on her butt and shove her out the door.  Then she stands under the eaves looking forlorn until I relent and let her back in.  And then five minutes later we do it again.  She can keep it up all night but I can't, so I start to yell until she slinks off to her bed...for five minutes. 

Yesterday Kitpu Estates was over run by short little people.  Short, little people are loud...demanding...and sticky.  When a short, little person is within a kilometer of you, nothing can be done.  Even if some miracle happens and they are occupied by something besides making demands on a person, you still cannot do anything.  It's a wonder that human beings managed to make it this far.  How do parents ever get anything done?  Although I do recall when I had my very own short person to bring up she seemed to be relatively self sufficient...and when I was a short, little person I recall not having any expectations of the parental units paying much attention to us.  Well other than the usual...go outside and play!  Come in the house and eat.  Go to bed.  And every once in awhile...go have a bath.  And not only did we manage to survive, but we seemed to thrive. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Jolly Roger

As I sit here in my studio, AKA The Wookie Cave, I can see a flag pole sporting a very tattered Jolly Roger.  (The tatters give it a really authentic look me thinks.)  And beyond it a lake, which looks grey and dismal and brrrrrr.  Today is a brrrr kind of day.  In fact so chilly that it keeps threatening to snow.  Snow--for those of you who may not experience the phenomena--is white, shitty, cold stuff to be tolerated by us poor Canukians for long stretches of time.  The leaves are all but gone from the ash and maples, but for some odd reason the beeches never seem to want to give them up, so they remain like little sienna coloured corpses rattling their hellos all winter. 

Four sad, little guineas are wandering around trying to scrape something out of the frozen ground. Of course they aren't really sad, that is just me projecting my human emotions onto the little bastards.  They in fact are wandering around, pecking at the ground, making a lot of racket, and generally are being assholes to each other.  Occasionally they thump against the walls of the cave, a habit they picked up over the summer, and pop their heads up trying to look into the windows.  (Probably more like trying to see themselves in the reflection.  Guineas are infatuated by themselves in mirrors.) 

Ka-rumba...we have company...I must leave you dear reader.  For fox's lakes. 

Friday, November 21, 2014


I'm having some serious issues today. 

Writing is something I enjoy.  I love getting an idea and then putting it down on paper, and then making tweaks and changes until it makes sense.  But I realized today that I have some serious issues in terms of over writing, grammar, commas, and the fact that things are so competitive out in the world of publishing that there is a very good chance that no one will want to even consider my book because I suck so bad. And my serious issues with commas and the fact I can no longer remember how to properly write a sentence.  And I keep over thinking commas.  And the fact that I keep starting all my sentences with and.  Now I'm starting and finishing them with and.  It's sad really...or is it, its.  I don't know because I suck. 

So I guess I suck.  Which sucks.  A big sucky, suck.  Suck rhymes with another word that starts with an F and I want to use it a lot.  But I won't because I suck so much.  And it would be really great if I could have a great, big, giant rum and pepsi this second.  But I can't because I'm doing this thing to try and fix a tummy problem that I have going on right now.  Of course I started my remedy less than a month ago and I'd like to go two months on my self imposed regime...which puts me not having a drink over the holidays, and if I remember correctly last xmas I also had something going on where I wasn't having a drink.  So how is a person supposed to develop a drinking problem when she keeps not drinking?  Aren't the best writers supposedly drug addicts and alcoholics?  And just watch, the minute I tell myself that I can now have a drink I'll be all, "meh, I don't feel like having one."  Maybe that's why I suck.  Perhaps I should start self flagellation...yay-no...that sounds a lot less fun than having a rum and pepsi. 

Plus, when I got home today I noticed that one of the birds were missing and went looking for it after lunch.  We found her/him/it had been someone's breakfast.  But whatever killed it didn't eat too much.  Just gnawed on the breast a bit.  Very sad.  The worst thing is that guineas are not birds that like to be confined, if you try they just beat the ever living shit out of each other.  Plus the fact that the whole point is to make sure that they eat as many ticks as possible so you have to let them roam free and wide.  The shitty thing is if it keeps up like this we won't have any left by next spring.  We may not even have any left by the end of the month.  I only wanted to get another six to raise so I had 12 come the summer... all sucks.

Okay, I'll quit saying suck now...just one more time.  SUCK!

Thursday, November 20, 2014


So around 5:50 am I was out packing in paint cans from the small garage in my pajamas.  Just before that I put a fire on so that when I got into the house it would be nice and toasty.  It was.  Actually a little too toasty because my pajamas happen to be shorts so when I got in it felt hot.  Then as the sun came up...hahaha...I meant when it started to get lighter out I also opened the coop so the birds could go free.  They weren't in a real hurry.  I believe the look I got was, "close the door its fucking cold out there."  But it wasn't, it was only around -2.  Then it started snowing.

The good news is that it's now a little after 8am and it definitely is no longer snowing, it is now in the wetter side of precipitation.  Which is good because I have to drive to Mahone Bay this morning to go to my writing class and I still don't have any winter tires.  I have rims...but they are in need of some rubber.  I sold the winter tires for my old car, because of course they wouldn't fit, so I now have $200 to put toward some new ones.  That'll pay

Sunny McJingles is out in the back forty waiting for an unsuspecting Bambi to cross his path.  He told me a couple of days ago that the whole hunting thing has lost its appeal for him and he was done for the season.  But there he sits...or wanders around...armed to the teeth and ready.  Ah men...can't live with them, can't understand what the fuck goes on in their heads.  

I have a few things I have to print off in order to get ready for class.  Later gators...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


There be words on the page...or more accurately...there be text on my file.  So that's a good thing right?  Not that there are a lot of words, something in the vicinity of seven thousand in two chapters.  But I'm okay with that.  And get this...I have another chapter started and there are already five hundred of the little buggers sitting there.  Of course none of that means that the words are good ones, or even usable ones, or make sense, or want to be read by others...that may have to come later. 

I started out with something like 750 pages, cut it down to 500-ish pages, and then cut it down further to 386 pages.  Now I am in the editing stages and am through the first 169 pages.  Did I mention that writing is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more fun than editing?  Cause if I didn't....writing is way more fun than editing. 

Last night just before bed time we got a skiff of snow.  It's taking a long time to melt because our +15 began to drop and by the time I got up for my first pee it was sitting at -2.  At least it's back up to the +6 mark...but windier than hell.  Oh well...such is the sucktastic weather that is winter.  It can always be worse. 

In the mean time the birds are hanging out pretty close to the coop and only wander farther away when the decide to chase Low Man and forget that the weather sucks.  At least I haven't been listening to ba-Kaw, ba-Kaw, ba-Kaw...all day long. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

There Be Puddles

Seeing as it was nice enough to finally stop pouring down in buckets I went for my walk today.  Holy Aquaman but there be some puddles (and when I say puddles I mean lakes) on the road.  At one point I actually had to back track and get a few longish pieces of wood so I could make myself an above water pathway.  Did you know that wet wood is slippery.  At least I didn't end up on my ass inside the puddle/lake/sea/miniature ocean. 

Now the wind is howling up a storm.  I am hoping that means it is howling a storm away and tomorrow it will be sunny.  Haha...I am so funny.  I suspect tomorrow will bring more wetness.  Sigh.  But at least I cannot complain about the temperature, I will take +15 any day. 

Today has been a seriously procrastinating day for writing.  Which is not good.  But I received a gift card for my birthday so I purchased John Cleese's autobiography with it,  getting up at 5:50am was worth sitting and enjoying a few chapters.  So, anyway...

Monday, November 17, 2014

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Yup, another day of rain today.  And she is coming down quite some wetness.  Luckily when I got up, and the day broke, I was motivated enough to go out and clean out the coop.  It was getting pretty rank from having birds in it longer than usual.  But I managed to clean it all out and put in fresh wood chips.  While this was going on they were out wandering around and pecking at things.  I have no idea what those things may be as I can't imagine any insects still kicking around.  Perhaps they eat grass?  Anyway after I was finished and back in the house and doing house things a serious battle royale commenced outside.  It turned out to be Guinea Fowl vs. Mallard Ducks vs. Canada Geese.  If the outcome is based on sheer volume, then the guineas win hands down.  If it was decided on lack of giving a big flying fart, then the ducks win.  The male didn't turn around to look at the hens even though they were less than two feet away, and the female just floated around serenely with her head tucked down for a nap. 

By the time I got my camera (iPad) the geese had gone and the ducks were slowly paddling away.  It would have been a great picture.  The Jets vs the Sharks vs...the Hens?  Ah...such is life in the land of the East where the tea is warm and the shoes are worn. 

Then finally the skies opened up and it is coming down in torrents...and I don't mean the good kind where you get to watch a movie afterward. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Yesterday was a shitty day (weather wise) the first snow fall of the year (nothing spectacular) and rainy as well.  It was dark, overcast, fact it was a dark and stormy night.  LOL Which of course made me want to do nada.  And I managed to do that in spades.  Well I did go to my writers group and do some critiquing, so I guess I did do something.  I also got all my laundry done, well the washing machine and dryer did, but I had to manhandle it in and out, and then put it all away.  I also managed to eat--a LOT.  Now I just can't seem to get motivated.  The temps have dropped to -1.  So brrrrrrr.  The birds don't want to come out of the coop.  I don't blame them.  After all they are originally from Africa.  (Well these guys aren't, they're from Blockhouse, but the species...)  We plugged in the light and now the concrete mass it is buried in should be getting warm.  I don't know if that is a good thing or not.  I wonder if it's better to allow them to acclimate until it gets really cold. 

Yes as a matter of fact I am procrastinating...why do you ask?  Okay--time to do some writing. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Is there an age one gets to when they don't have homework?  Because so far I've never actually hit it.  I'm pretty sure that one solid year hasn't passed me by where I haven't been taking some kind of class since I was old enough to get me some schooling.  So consequently have always had homework of one type or other that I have to do.  So here is me...doing homework...and procrastinating...because...Sigh. 

Although it is a warm, warm day today, right now it is foggy and overcast.  I can't remember what the chances are that it will drizzle...40%?  60%?  Something along those lines.  So I will do my homework...write some more (hopefully just write and not edit) and if it isn't pouring, take the hell hound for a walk.  I was going to wander far and wide yesterday because the weather was SPECTACULAR but I ended up hauling wood.  I guess that was more productive than walking and allowing my brain to ponder...but still...such a beautiful day....

On the upside I've finished my laundry for the day, made the beds, had breakfast, and let the birds out.  And all before 7am.  Yeah me. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I Was Told There Would Be Days Like This

I'd love to be able to quit chortling gleefully about the weather, but I just can't.  It is blue skies again, sunny again, and if things go like they did yesterday--there will be warmth in the air!  It's awesome.  I am in awe.  That's what happens when you get to the other side of a long tunnel of craptastic weather.  Which means today will probably look much like tomorrow for my schedule.  Write/edit/write/critique...have lunch...go for a 7k walk...write/edit/write/edit...have supper.  (Now I bet you're jealous eh?)

The hubby didn't manage to kill off any deer, but he was nice enough to come in and negotiate with the tire buying guy and get full price.  Tire buying guy arrived and left acting like a major douche.  So I did not feel any sympathy for him.  And the best part...while I was writing the hubby was hauling wood.  Lots of it.  Although I feel a bit of guilt with him doing all that manual work, I feel happy to have the luxury of sitting for hours at a stretch and working on my project without serious interference. 

Bring on the sun...and bring on the creative brain cells!!!! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Early Morning Initiative

I thought I would sit down and click out a few words before getting to some serious work.  I am out in the Wookie Cave early, showered, fed, and in the mood.  It doesn't happen often folks so I am taking advantage of it.  I am also taking advantage of feeling like I want to blog.  It is a new (old) thing so here I am.  I let the birds out, and even though there is still frost on the ground they took to it right away.  The dog, in her infinite wisdom decided that she wanted to hang with me in my studio.  Right now she is 'on guard' at the window which is the perfect height for her, she can sit and watch for all the goings-on out there without having to be out there.  The hubby is out in the woods waiting for an innocent Bambi to wander by so he can murder it.  Don't tell anyone but I am secretly hoping that there be no Bambi murders for the next long while. 

I also have a guy/person/Klingon coming to have a look at the set of tire I have up for sale.  Kijiji rocks some times.  How else would I get rid of something taking up a lot of room and being able to make money which will go towards new winter tires for the new automobile?  There is the want ads in the paper, but does that even work anymore these days? 

And fingers and toes crossed...but it appears to be a lovely day out there.  And if the weather guys are to be believed, it might be a beautiful day for the next several days.  If that is true I will be doing a happy dance.  It would be sweet to finally get the last of the wood in.  That being said I am now off to the Never-Never Land in my head. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

More of the Same...

Today what did I do but sit and write...well actually sit and edit a little bit more.  Writing is infinitely better than editing, most especially because after editing for hours when someone else reads it they tell you all kinds of shit about your writing that you missed.  "Do you realize you forgot an entire page?"  "You spelled the wrong."  "This part doesn't make sense, did you mean to put a wizard in the middle of a funeral?"  And so on...

I tried a different tack with the birds today.  You see some days it is easy peasy lemon squeezey to get them into their coop, other days I just want to borrow the hubby's shot gun and get rid of the little bastards.  So today I went out and taped them, I figured that they might respond to their own annoying noises.  They were pretty dam interested.  I got four in the coop before I even turned the recording on.  But f*cking Low Man still was being a serious pain in my arse.  So I tried the recording...nada.  Did not work.  I can understand why he is at the bottom of the pecking order, I'd like to take a peck out of him myself.  Grrrrrr.

Saturday, November 8, 2014


I spent ten hours editing a 27 page chapter today.  Ten hours!  On something which has already been written.  Is that crazy, or it that crazy?  I'm sure it was a 110 times faster writing the original draft.  Grrrr.  No I'm not too picky.  But the good thing is that at least I've gone over it once...and...I got it down to 26 pages.  Oh joy. 

I even managed to get a walk in about half way through.  I had to.  It was sunny out there.  Cold, but sunny.  So we donned our orange, neon, glow in the dark and daylight apparel and headed out.  I don't have to tell you how excited the hell hound was.  She literally pranced.  Yeah so that isn't really all that different than her normal self, but she was pretty excited.  And so was I.  Sitting on your ass and concentrating for that long can be hard.  Is hard. 

Four vehicles passed us on the road.  Four!  Its a record for round these parts.  Hunting season makes it like Grand Central Station here in the sticks.  I don't like it.  The crowds make me feel claustrophobic.   We might have to move. 

I just realized something...I have a finished story that would go along well with the whole Remembrance Day theme and I did not submit it to my editor in time.  I put in something completely unrelated.  That was smart.  (No it wasn't.)  It just shows how much, a) I don't pay attention to upcoming events, and b) that my brain is fried and has too many stories rattling around in it.  Plus I'm pretty sure I don't really care. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dead Birds...Rainy Weather

I am down one bird.  The hubby found its lifeless body down along the boundary of our property.  No signs of violence, no blood, just a dead bird.  It is frustrating to say the least.  I don't know how many months it has been since I got them, but I have spent a lot of time trying to make sure they survive.  Then suddenly....just like that...a dead bird.  Sigh.  Goodbye Ranch, if you were Ranch.  Poo Baby has turned into Low Man and remains identifiable but Twinkle, and all the rest have become just one amorphous lump. As promised here are a few pictures of the girls? boys?

 New home at three days old.
 A week later.
 Three weeks old. Sprouting feathers and everything. 
 First day in the coop.
 First day outside.

 New flag pole flies above Kitpu Estates.
 Following the leader.
 The leader.
 Zombie adults.  Icky.
 Checking out the hot dude in the mirror. 
Which brings us to today. 

Such a rainy day.  Such a good day to hang around in the house and enjoy the fire.  I wish I felt better so I could get into some serious writing and or painting.  At least I managed to drag my sorry butt into town to get groceries.