Wednesday, November 19, 2014


There be words on the page...or more accurately...there be text on my file.  So that's a good thing right?  Not that there are a lot of words, something in the vicinity of seven thousand in two chapters.  But I'm okay with that.  And get this...I have another chapter started and there are already five hundred of the little buggers sitting there.  Of course none of that means that the words are good ones, or even usable ones, or make sense, or want to be read by others...that may have to come later. 

I started out with something like 750 pages, cut it down to 500-ish pages, and then cut it down further to 386 pages.  Now I am in the editing stages and am through the first 169 pages.  Did I mention that writing is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more fun than editing?  Cause if I didn't....writing is way more fun than editing. 

Last night just before bed time we got a skiff of snow.  It's taking a long time to melt because our +15 began to drop and by the time I got up for my first pee it was sitting at -2.  At least it's back up to the +6 mark...but windier than hell.  Oh well...such is the sucktastic weather that is winter.  It can always be worse. 

In the mean time the birds are hanging out pretty close to the coop and only wander farther away when the decide to chase Low Man and forget that the weather sucks.  At least I haven't been listening to ba-Kaw, ba-Kaw, ba-Kaw...all day long. 

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  1. Noisy are they? The good part of chickens is that the roosters only tend to make you want to strangle them every once in a while and unless something weird is going down the girls don't carry on much at all.