Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I Was Told There Would Be Days Like This

I'd love to be able to quit chortling gleefully about the weather, but I just can't.  It is blue skies again, sunny again, and if things go like they did yesterday--there will be warmth in the air!  It's awesome.  I am in awe.  That's what happens when you get to the other side of a long tunnel of craptastic weather.  Which means today will probably look much like tomorrow for my schedule.  Write/edit/write/critique...have lunch...go for a 7k walk...write/edit/write/edit...have supper.  (Now I bet you're jealous eh?)

The hubby didn't manage to kill off any deer, but he was nice enough to come in and negotiate with the tire buying guy and get full price.  Tire buying guy arrived and left acting like a major douche.  So I did not feel any sympathy for him.  And the best part...while I was writing the hubby was hauling wood.  Lots of it.  Although I feel a bit of guilt with him doing all that manual work, I feel happy to have the luxury of sitting for hours at a stretch and working on my project without serious interference. 

Bring on the sun...and bring on the creative brain cells!!!! 


  1. So is the issue that you aren't a negotiator when it comes to selling stuff via Kijiji? Or just interacting with strangers in general? I voice this speculation because I know I'd rather gnaw my own leg off than have to *bargain* about pretty much any sale or purchase. If I don't think the price is worth while I simply won't buy and if I offered an item for X price it's because I thought it was worth that and am not amenable to haggling. *She* on the other hand has that bargain gene in spades. To that end if bargaining happens I just do my best to run and hide.

    1. Given that I spent the last fifteen years out west in my job. You know, the one where I bought stuff...every day...all day...for 12 hours a day, you would think that I would be a Bargaining Ninja. But the fact of the matter is that I only use my super ninja powers when bargaining for others. When it comes to bargaining for myself I have issues. If the guy is a douche (ie tire buying guy) I'd sooner tell him to fuck off than talk to him. If the guy/girl is nice, I'm all "sure I'll give it to you for 100% off". If I was smart I would look at things as if I was bargaining for someone else who is in desperate need of keeping all of their money...then I could pull out my all black outfit and cape. Hubby is getting better and better at the whole bargaining thing so I normally let him go at it.