Thursday, November 20, 2014


So around 5:50 am I was out packing in paint cans from the small garage in my pajamas.  Just before that I put a fire on so that when I got into the house it would be nice and toasty.  It was.  Actually a little too toasty because my pajamas happen to be shorts so when I got in it felt hot.  Then as the sun came up...hahaha...I meant when it started to get lighter out I also opened the coop so the birds could go free.  They weren't in a real hurry.  I believe the look I got was, "close the door its fucking cold out there."  But it wasn't, it was only around -2.  Then it started snowing.

The good news is that it's now a little after 8am and it definitely is no longer snowing, it is now in the wetter side of precipitation.  Which is good because I have to drive to Mahone Bay this morning to go to my writing class and I still don't have any winter tires.  I have rims...but they are in need of some rubber.  I sold the winter tires for my old car, because of course they wouldn't fit, so I now have $200 to put toward some new ones.  That'll pay

Sunny McJingles is out in the back forty waiting for an unsuspecting Bambi to cross his path.  He told me a couple of days ago that the whole hunting thing has lost its appeal for him and he was done for the season.  But there he sits...or wanders around...armed to the teeth and ready.  Ah men...can't live with them, can't understand what the fuck goes on in their heads.  

I have a few things I have to print off in order to get ready for class.  Later gators...


  1. You and your pal the Ocean...

    Meanwhile we're still waiting to shake off the winter preview. We'll be joining you in bog city in a few days. My least favourite situation of all time.

  2. My least favourite is black fly season...and then tick season.