Tuesday, November 18, 2014

There Be Puddles

Seeing as it was nice enough to finally stop pouring down in buckets I went for my walk today.  Holy Aquaman but there be some puddles (and when I say puddles I mean lakes) on the road.  At one point I actually had to back track and get a few longish pieces of wood so I could make myself an above water pathway.  Did you know that wet wood is slippery.  At least I didn't end up on my ass inside the puddle/lake/sea/miniature ocean. 

Now the wind is howling up a storm.  I am hoping that means it is howling a storm away and tomorrow it will be sunny.  Haha...I am so funny.  I suspect tomorrow will bring more wetness.  Sigh.  But at least I cannot complain about the temperature, I will take +15 any day. 

Today has been a seriously procrastinating day for writing.  Which is not good.  But I received a gift card for my birthday so I purchased John Cleese's autobiography with it,  getting up at 5:50am was worth sitting and enjoying a few chapters.  So, anyway...

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