Saturday, November 8, 2014


I spent ten hours editing a 27 page chapter today.  Ten hours!  On something which has already been written.  Is that crazy, or it that crazy?  I'm sure it was a 110 times faster writing the original draft.  Grrrr.  No I'm not too picky.  But the good thing is that at least I've gone over it once...and...I got it down to 26 pages.  Oh joy. 

I even managed to get a walk in about half way through.  I had to.  It was sunny out there.  Cold, but sunny.  So we donned our orange, neon, glow in the dark and daylight apparel and headed out.  I don't have to tell you how excited the hell hound was.  She literally pranced.  Yeah so that isn't really all that different than her normal self, but she was pretty excited.  And so was I.  Sitting on your ass and concentrating for that long can be hard.  Is hard. 

Four vehicles passed us on the road.  Four!  Its a record for round these parts.  Hunting season makes it like Grand Central Station here in the sticks.  I don't like it.  The crowds make me feel claustrophobic.   We might have to move. 

I just realized something...I have a finished story that would go along well with the whole Remembrance Day theme and I did not submit it to my editor in time.  I put in something completely unrelated.  That was smart.  (No it wasn't.)  It just shows how much, a) I don't pay attention to upcoming events, and b) that my brain is fried and has too many stories rattling around in it.  Plus I'm pretty sure I don't really care. 


  1. Your brain must be completely fried in an entirely different way than my because my has pretty much no stories in it at all but equally unwilling to co-operate in the 'doing more stuff than my autonomous functions already manage' department. Also, cold wet, snowy shitty.

    1. Snowy? Say it ain't so. I don't like that word. I see you've decided to get back into the writing thing as well. Good on ya. But pray tell me where you had to go hoteling for work? Are you contracting yourself out these days? Does this even make sense...too much time behind the keyboard today.

  2. Yes...contracting out in a manner of speaking. Friends needed a cable pulling monkey to do some peripherally-related-to-computers work. We were in a far away town so had to stay in hotels for a couple of nights. The ridiculous part was that the town we were working in was so booked to the gills we had to stay at a hotel an hour away and commute to work every morning. Still, the job got done and now I have a little Christmas money.