Monday, November 17, 2014

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Yup, another day of rain today.  And she is coming down quite some wetness.  Luckily when I got up, and the day broke, I was motivated enough to go out and clean out the coop.  It was getting pretty rank from having birds in it longer than usual.  But I managed to clean it all out and put in fresh wood chips.  While this was going on they were out wandering around and pecking at things.  I have no idea what those things may be as I can't imagine any insects still kicking around.  Perhaps they eat grass?  Anyway after I was finished and back in the house and doing house things a serious battle royale commenced outside.  It turned out to be Guinea Fowl vs. Mallard Ducks vs. Canada Geese.  If the outcome is based on sheer volume, then the guineas win hands down.  If it was decided on lack of giving a big flying fart, then the ducks win.  The male didn't turn around to look at the hens even though they were less than two feet away, and the female just floated around serenely with her head tucked down for a nap. 

By the time I got my camera (iPad) the geese had gone and the ducks were slowly paddling away.  It would have been a great picture.  The Jets vs the Sharks vs...the Hens?  Ah...such is life in the land of the East where the tea is warm and the shoes are worn. 

Then finally the skies opened up and it is coming down in torrents...and I don't mean the good kind where you get to watch a movie afterward. 

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