Monday, November 24, 2014

Horizontal Water

I just got home from giving the kid a helping hand at her shack.  She is doing the back to school thing and therefore has somewhat less time with the regular run of the mill things like waking up, and that's where I occasionally come in.  I'm not a big fan of leaving the ranch so it has to be important, interesting, or for someone who I happen to like a lot and is in need of a hand.  Oh and food...I like to eat therefore I am forced to leave and restock.  Once I make a zillion dollars from my the lottery, I will be paying someone to do that chore for me. 

Right now the wind has picked up, and seeing as it is currently raining, the water seems to be falling horizontally.  The hell hound keeps going to the door and standing there giving me the evil eye.  Or in her case the, look at how cute I am and don't you feel like letting me outside eye.  So I go over, open the door, and watch her stick her head out and then back up.  I gently place my foot on her butt and shove her out the door.  Then she stands under the eaves looking forlorn until I relent and let her back in.  And then five minutes later we do it again.  She can keep it up all night but I can't, so I start to yell until she slinks off to her bed...for five minutes. 

Yesterday Kitpu Estates was over run by short little people.  Short, little people are loud...demanding...and sticky.  When a short, little person is within a kilometer of you, nothing can be done.  Even if some miracle happens and they are occupied by something besides making demands on a person, you still cannot do anything.  It's a wonder that human beings managed to make it this far.  How do parents ever get anything done?  Although I do recall when I had my very own short person to bring up she seemed to be relatively self sufficient...and when I was a short, little person I recall not having any expectations of the parental units paying much attention to us.  Well other than the usual...go outside and play!  Come in the house and eat.  Go to bed.  And every once in awhile...go have a bath.  And not only did we manage to survive, but we seemed to thrive. 


  1. How much longer before these short people move on to the stage wherein they are not essentially trying to kill themselves at every other moment of the day?

  2. Well one of them is four, the other five...and technically when mine was five I allowed her out of the house on her own for short unsupervised stints as long as she stayed in the yard. But my front yard is full of a lot of water, and their front yard is full of a lot of unsupervised at this stage is not an option. In the house they seem to be a little less in the killing themselves stage...but that being said...I'm thinking 20 years.