Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Is there an age one gets to when they don't have homework?  Because so far I've never actually hit it.  I'm pretty sure that one solid year hasn't passed me by where I haven't been taking some kind of class since I was old enough to get me some schooling.  So consequently have always had homework of one type or other that I have to do.  So here is me...doing homework...and procrastinating...because...Sigh. 

Although it is a warm, warm day today, right now it is foggy and overcast.  I can't remember what the chances are that it will drizzle...40%?  60%?  Something along those lines.  So I will do my homework...write some more (hopefully just write and not edit) and if it isn't pouring, take the hell hound for a walk.  I was going to wander far and wide yesterday because the weather was SPECTACULAR but I ended up hauling wood.  I guess that was more productive than walking and allowing my brain to ponder...but still...such a beautiful day....

On the upside I've finished my laundry for the day, made the beds, had breakfast, and let the birds out.  And all before 7am.  Yeah me. 


  1. All that activity before 7am is the sign of some kind of mental disorder, I'm pretty sure, you should seek treatment for that.

    1. Tell me about it! Ever since the time change I've been up and about by around 6am. That is wrong in so many ways.