Saturday, November 29, 2014


I love the fact that on days like today I am self employed.  I can do what I want, when I want.  My wants included finishing a story (rant) and going for a walk and then perhaps doing a little more writing after the fact.  So done, done, and getting there. 

My walk was brisk, the sun was shining, the roads were wet, and now the hell hound is covered in three inch long muddy icicles from stem to stern.  Does anyone know the physics behind warm dog + wet water = long icicles?  Presently I have her tied to the door thawing out so I can take a towel and then dry her off.  The alternate would be to allow her to wander all over the house and then kill her.  

Did I mention that the sun was shining?  Because sweet baby jeebus it is.  I'm loving that.  Although at this time of the year when the sun shines it means the house gets pretty toasty.  It shines straight in through the front windows and heats up the back wall.  Many times I have to throw them open a few times to allow some of the cool air to take it down a few million degrees.  But if this sounds like a isn't. 

Yesterday I did a run into the city in record time.  Drove in...right to the place I needed to go...found the store without GPS...they had what I wanted...bought two so I wouldn't have to redo the drive any time soon...and then drove home.  And here is the best part - the flurries they were predicting did not happen so I didn't have to white knuckle it.  That is a great, big bag of awesome. 

Now I have to go and figure out what I want to bake for tomorrow.  I have a friend who is doing a book launch and I need to bring treats.  


  1. Commando raid drives into town for stuff you want are the little things that make life so much more pleasurable.

    1. Yes, but...wouldn't it be so much better if you could plan a day where everyone else stayed home?