Monday, December 1, 2014


So I baked some cookies for the book launch thing yesterday.  They turned out to be yummy...not yesterday because I didn't try any( but as I write I am sampling some of the ones which did not make the grade for public consumption).  The author did an amazing job at her launch.  Chatty, informative, with just the right amount of reading.  I think that if there were any people there who did not know her, she probably inclined them to buy her book.  I hope when it comes time for me to do a book launch I will be able to pull something like that off.  It has to be better than hiding away from everyone in the bathroom.  Just guessing here. 

The weather is kind enough to be in the double digits today, which I think is pretty decent of it considering that it is the first of December.  And considering that it is -33 in the town I used to live in out west I can put it on my grateful list.  That is if I kept such a list.  Which I think I actually do.  It counteracts the "woe is me, my life sucks, why does everything bad have to happen to me" list that the hubby keeps.  I can't even imagine how sucky life would be if we both had that kind of list.  I probably would have opened a vein years ago.  

Well I best get back to writing.  Currently I am finishing a short story about the time my dad escaped to Italy across the Alps during WWII.  Once that is done I will go back to editing.  Joy. 

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