Sunday, December 7, 2014


I woke up this morning at pee o'clock to let the hell hound out.  It was fucking pouring outside.  Like buckets of frogs pouring.  She opted to stay in the house until I gave her a gentle nudge in the ass.  Yes it sucks to have to go outside to pee but thems the breaks when you're a dog.  About an hour later the skies dried up.  So yay us. 

After breakfast and some futzing around in the house I finally decided to come out to the Wookie Cave to do some creating.  And of course I am at the 'I don't know which I would rather do' stage of things.  Do I paint, or do I write?  That is the question.  Not quite as poetic as William S. but a conundrum nonetheless.  I have to get one more painting done in my series, and I want to finish a stool which I think I will be able to sell pretty easily.  And seeing as I need money so I can afford to get a good heater for the cave I really should work on the painting part.  But I happen to have this 'new book idea' blooping around in my head and it will not leave.  Perhaps if I can get an outline done it will leave me alone for awhile.  Most especially because I haven't actually finished the book I have been editing for the last thousand years. 

I'm trying a combination of electric space heater and a DIY flower pot/candle heater to see if it will help warm the space sufficiently.  The heater is pumping out the BTUs and sucking up money...the flower pot has four tea lights underneath it and has been burning for less than an is too hot to touch but the air is warm about four inches away from we will see.  Apparently it should be good for four hours. 

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