Saturday, December 13, 2014

Where did the time go....?

Hey, wasn't I just here yesterday and blogging about nothing?  I guess not because when I look at the date of my last post it is over a week ago.  Zowies...

Weather report...rain, rain, and more rain.  It washed out 41 roads, including ours.  The work they did this summer...the half assed work they did this summer...didn't hold up under the onslaught.  Shocker.  So after the cats, dogs, frogs, and fish which fell from the sky the couple inches of crush they put over the too-small culvert washed away and left the culvert exposed and two big assed trenches across the road right outside our driveway. The new bridge got washed away...over...and they closed that side of the road.  They poured another few inches of crush on the too-small culvert which means that come the next rainfall it too will end up downstream.  So the answer to the question, why does Nova Scotia have the shittiest roads and no money, was just answered...again. 

The hubby finished my xmas present yesterday, a new light box.  Yay me.  So if I ever get back to being creative in the drawing kind of way...I will be able to go to town on it. 

I'm contemplating teaching a writing class in the new year...but before I commit I want to make sure that I can keep all my ducks in a row.  And not sure how much of a hardship it will be to spend even more time away from Kitpu Estates.  Of course with the daylight coming back and the days being longer it may not seem like such a hardship.  Yes I know, me and my first world problems. 

Speaking of first world problems...I am off to try and see if I can rustle up some anti-stink formula for the dog.  I wonder if wiping her down with laundry sheets would work?

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