Sunday, November 27, 2011

Morning With The MacDonald's

Leaves rustling in a light breeze woke Mar up from a deep sleep.  As usual she was unconscious one second, and fully awake the next, there was never any transition for Mar, no sleepy realization that she should slowly swim to the surface of her mind before discovering that she was fully awake.  "Zero to sixty," her mother always used to say.  That was true then, and true today all these years later. She watched as dappled sunlight spackled the wall across the room creating a movie to match the windy sounds. 

Mar snuggled further into her cocoon of fleece and down enjoying the moment of peace.  "Mommy, I'm hungry."  And there goes the peace. 

"Mommy are you ever going to get out of bed?" her youngest one asked, creases still lining her face from her pillow. 

"Go get mommy a cup of coffee, no sugar, just a little bit of cream.  And while your at it I'd like two eggs soft poached and rye bread toasted and lightly buttered."

Both children looked at her with wide eyes, their small bud lips round with surprise.  "But mommy," Adele said, uncertainty making her pause. "I fought we wasn't alloweded in the kitchen wif out you?"

Mar looked at her children and giggled, she pulled both into her arms and snuggled them under the sheets with her, their little warm bodies twining themselves around her arms and waist.  "Mommy was just kidding," she said breathing in the sweet scent of their hair. 

"Silly mommy," Niala said. "Can I watch my show?"

Mar groaned.  "No show, not until its time."  She could see the protest starting to form on that little pink mouth.  "I think I see the tickle monster," she said. 

Both children shrieked with delight and the bed became a stormy sea in the midst of the calm room.  All three were still laughing when Mar led them into the bathroom where they showered together and sang the "Tug Boat" song until everyone was shampooed and squeaky clean. 

Mar was just tying up Niala's robe when, Adam, their Labrador retriever walked into the room.  "Bailey called while you were in the shower," he said.  "He'll be here by eleven to pick the girls up."

"Great," Mar muttered.  As usual, Bailey the coward, had to get the dog to do his dirty work for him. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cheat Day

Today is Saturday, it started out as a foggy, grey morning and turned into a sunny, blue, warm day.  I had a small fire on this morning to take the chill out of the air and decided to throw a couple more logs on to warm the place up nicely.  It was a bit of a mistake.  The sun came out, and as the front of the house is almost perfectly situated to take full advantage of the passive solar heat of a winter day, the house went from warmish to hottish.  I think it finally topped out at around 29 degrees.  It didn't help that I had the oven turned on to bake a cake, then roast a roast.  At one point I was running around in shorts and a bra. 

I am still on my new diet so today is also the day that I call my "cheat day" which means that I can eat everything, and anything that my little heart desires.  And I have to tell you, my heart is full of some serious desires!  Most especially anything which has to do with carbs.  This diet that I am following, as you may have figured out from that statement is a no-carb diet.  No pasta, no potatoes, no rice, no cereal, no bread, no fun.  Actually it hasn't been as bad as I originally thought it would be, reason being is because I am not hungry while following the rules. Never having been much of a diet girl I was expecting the worst, turns out that being allowed to eat as much as you want is a tactic that works for me.  So today for breakfast I had coffee, a piece of pumpkin pie, and oatmeal with rye toast.  Then I ate lunch, spaghetti and sauce, not because I was hungry but because I wanted the spaghetti.  Then for supper I had roast beef, mashed potatoes, turnips, and a huge piece of chocolate cake.  Then I had another piece.  Now I feel slightly nauseous and ill.  Pig out day, aka cheat day, can be hard on a person. 

We had company over for dinner, it was nice to be social for once, and it was nice having great company.  Hmmm...perhaps being social is something that I should start to reintroduce into my life of exile and neglect.  Both the dog and cat were equally as thrilled as they had a buddy to gnaw on and otherwise harass for awhile.  Someone other than each other that is.

The good news is that because of the warm weather we had all day most of that white stuff has melted away.  As far as I am concerned it can stay that way...away.  Winter bad.  Autumn good.    Well the ole eye lids are starting to only open to half so I best be wishing all a good night.  Good night all. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winter Has Spread Its Ugly Seed

Yes, sadly, winter has finally arrived this morning, and as far as I am concerned it can f**k right off again.  I hear from the weather witches on CBC radio that it is supposed to turn to rain over night and then clear up by tomorrow afternoon.  I hope those lying sacks of donkey droppings are right.  In the meantime we are in the middle of a "snow warning" and all the local schools are closed.  What a bunch of wuss bucket weenies.  I grew up in northern Ontario during the supposed "mini ice age" and the whole time I was going to school they only closed it once, because of a broken water line.  The rest of the time, be it -40 or snowing like the white witch was ruling the land the busses ran, the schools were open, and the small meat popsicles that we were trudged off to school.  Do I sound bitter?  I'm not, just saying. 

Today is going to be a stay at home kinda day, I will probably don some sort of winter gear later on and go for a trudge into the bush so the hellhound can go for a bit of a walk and wear off some of her pent up energy, but other than that, no trail building or wood chopping.  Oh and speaking of wood chopping, I used my new chainsaw yesterday for the first time.  I am in love.  It cuts like butter.  It is light, it actually cuts where I want it to, and the best part, I can actually start it all by my onesies.  I am hoping that when the snow f**ks off I can go out and do a bit of cleaning on the first part of my trail.  Alders begone!

Our cat went in yesterday to be spayed, I dropped her off in the morning and picked her up in the evening.  The told me to keep her quiet for the evening, so I put her in a room with a bit of food and water, her poop box and her bed, mostly to stop the hellhound from harassing the shit out of her.  She was not a happy cat.  Not even a little bit.  There was a bit of yowling going on.  You know how people say that cats don't like to be around people, its a lie.  Anyway this morning she is back being her annoying self and trying to piss me off every five minutes.  Well I must go and check out life. 

I noticed that I had a spelling type-o in the title.  Originally I laughed and was going to leave it, but the OCD side of me made me change it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

It Was A Dark And Stormy Morning

If there was some way of taking this morning and putting it into a bottle so I could enjoy it over and over I would. What, you ask, is so wonderful about this moment in time which is so worthy of bottling and becoming known under some pretentious name such as “Chateau eau November 21, 2011” a subtle blend of dark grey skies, gusting winds, and whinging dog. Well my friends it is a combination of an empty house, which at this time holds no guilt producing, Work Which Needs Doing, sitting in a corner panting goo all over the floor. There does seem to be this bright shining orb of creativity gently bouncing from one foot to the other just at the back of my brain (somewhere between Betelgeuse and my cerebral cortex) saying, “Use me I’m ready to go and I'm yours to do what you will with me!” And it is the exact perfect time of the day where my body and mind seem to function at its best. Perhaps it is because it is the day after my cheat day and my body is experiencing the euphoria of carb loading.

This feeling of solitude and bliss will not last long, the empty house, is an anomaly as the husband will soon be home from his appointed task of ‘Helping the neighbour move his shit house’. The lurking guilt producing Work will manifest itself as ‘Wood which needs piling in the back forty’, and my creativity will start to feel slighted and decide that as usual, “I suck.” Then in a huff it will stop bouncing and fold itself in half exactly seven times where a picture of a middle finger pointing skyward will be printed on the only side I will be able to see.

So I have decided with great foresight to take advantage of the situation and sit down and do a bit of writing. To be honest I am surprised that I decided to do the, blog writing, instead of the, short story writing, or the, novel writing, thing. You see I have a completed novel sitting in my head waiting for the day where I will actually sit down and start to write it. I have been dying to get at it but the circumstances of my life just keep interfering with the process. You see, for years and years, and years I’ve always had this habit where I would go for a run, or go for a long walk, or go for a swim, or go and work out in the gym, put the body on auto pilot then work on a story. I found that it made the time go by faster while I was out torturing myself, and the additional oxygen I was sucking in seemed to help my brain function better. Then when the story was ready I would sit down and type like crazy until all the words in my head were sitting on the screen looking smug and self satisfied. I’d love to tell you that I did that every time, but alas, over the years many a story has became permanently lodged in my skull and have never actually made it to the outside world. If they had I’d probably have a plethora of novels to my name by now and possibly a small villa in the Hawaiian islands somewhere. (That’s my way of saying that said novels would be of interest to other folk who would pay money for them.) But knowing that my time is limited I guess made my decision to write that which when interrupted will not make me crazy with an insane rage. And, as some of my readers have recently pointed out, (thank you so much for that by the way), writing anything at all is better than not writing at all. And blog writing can actually be considered creative so quit my whining and get on with it as I have many, many years of actual writing ahead of me. The good thing about the whole blog thing is that I don’t feel too obligated about making sure that my grammar is grammatical, or that my sentences flow, make sense, or need to be artistic or pleasing to the senses. So in essence blog writing is exactly like the way I think.  Erratic, spontaneous, in serious need of spell check, and slovenly.

Next week is going to be a full one here at Kitpu Estates, starting on Monday we are off to our first financial institute to see what kind of “PLAN” they are going to come up with to make “OUR” money work for us. Yeah I know, ha-ha, it will be more like, “How can we take all their money, use it to our best advantage while leaving them with a pittance and grateful for our help.” One institute gave us three pages of items they needed in order for them to “Better Understand” what our needs were. Many of my replies ended up being, “What do you need this information for?” I mean seriously, why do they need to know how many pets we have and what their names are? Okay, so maybe it wasn’t quite that invasive, but it was getting pretty close.

Then, queue dramatic music here, Karson the Cat, is off to get spayed. And for those who know me as a, non-cat person, it will come as a surprise to note that I am a little apprehensive for the critter. I mean she is so tiny and furry and vulnerable. Don’t get me wrong, she is a cat, and as such is a major pain in the ass, sometimes a pain in the hand, or a pain in the ankle when she attacks me and wraps her claw infested legs around me, but nevertheless I kinda feel bad about being the person who makes the decision to inflict pain on her. I had no qualms about taking the hellhound in and having her baby making gear removed, why the hell should I care about a cat? I must be getting all soft and mushy on the inside. Perhaps this last birthday did something to my brain.

Speaking of birthday’s, I recently had one (which reminds me, I still haven’t received the yachts, bearer bonds, new cars, and other offerings from my readers. Fear not, there is still time and I will not think any less of you for getting my presents here late.) Anyway, my hubby, the love of my life, gave me a chain saw for my birthday. I know what you are thinking, “A chain saw? Can you use it on him?” You are thinking that it is not really a very thoughtful present, but you would be wrong, most especially if you knew the thought process which a human male of Anglo-French decent, who grew up enveloped by the chemical stench of a pulp mill intensive town, surrounded by fish, uses. Last week we were out in the bush, working on the trail which will eventually become the back part of the road on our land, he was using his big manly type chain saw and cutting down, big manly type trees, meanwhile I was using a small chain saw doing what is called “limbing & bucking”. His chain saw was cutting through bark, and pulp, and other types of tree guts, mine was like I was using a butter knife to try and saw through branches. There I was sweating up buckets, fogging up glasses, taking life and limb into my hands, but not cutting anything. It would have been faster had I used the chain saw like an ax and tried to chop the damn things off. Or better yet poured the gas out of the saw and dropped a match onto the tree and saw.  So my honey got me a new chain saw. It’s red. It matches my car. It had better work.

Well it looks like my time here is done, I just heard a vehicle pull into the drive. It’s been a slice (for me at least). So until next time when we meet again, “It was a dark and stormy morn. The Writer sat in front of her computer screen pondering the quality of dead hornets caught between the window panes…”

Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's A Mushy Tale

Hmmm...not sure WTF is going on with this blogging thing but my pictures are only loading one at a time and not showing up unless I preview it. Anyway, if this turns out it should be a few pictures about various flora on the property. I was amazed to see a few new rose blooms, they must have come out a couple of days ago when it was 21 degrees here. Well here goes nothing, hope it works.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Writing, Writing Everywhere, And Not A Drop To Read

For some reason something in the air today, maybe all the rain, made me really take a long, long look at what I'm doing, or what I should be doing with my writing life, or lack thereof. I suddenly realized that the whole point of making the "big change" in my life had been so I could actually have a life. It has been quite a few years now that all I really wanted to be able to do is sit down and write. While I was working full time that just wasn’t an option, not with my schedule. So my hankering to write had always been like this intangible cobweb hovering around me, just out of reach, giving me those come hither looks while flexing illusory biceps. So last year when the hubby had decided that he had, had enough of his life in the doldrums I had been more than happy to jump onto his bandwagon and hit the “happy trails.” I was excited to be able to see if I could throw myself into a state of blissful creativity. I mean that’s pretty much all I have been yammering about for year right. But the reality has been quite different, my life still isn’t very conducive to writing. The crazy work schedule has now been replaced by the crazy life schedule, working on the house seems to be taking up way more of my free time than when I was working ten to twelve hour work days.

So I am declaring here and now that from this point forward I have resolved to take a little time every day to do some actual writing. Be it a short story, some on going work on a novel, or even just a sentence or two, I am determined to start my life as a writer. But be warned! I may even share some of it with you. (Queue dramatic score here.)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Finally the pictures of the work that was in progress and now is completed. (Well on the outside anyway.) Here is the newest garage residing on Kitpu Estates. I figure it is so bright when the sun shines on it now that you can probably see it from space.

The foundation in the making.

The big white mushroom, already filled to capacity, but now with siding and window so you can see the light when you have the doors closed. A thing of beauty.