Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winter Has Spread Its Ugly Seed

Yes, sadly, winter has finally arrived this morning, and as far as I am concerned it can f**k right off again.  I hear from the weather witches on CBC radio that it is supposed to turn to rain over night and then clear up by tomorrow afternoon.  I hope those lying sacks of donkey droppings are right.  In the meantime we are in the middle of a "snow warning" and all the local schools are closed.  What a bunch of wuss bucket weenies.  I grew up in northern Ontario during the supposed "mini ice age" and the whole time I was going to school they only closed it once, because of a broken water line.  The rest of the time, be it -40 or snowing like the white witch was ruling the land the busses ran, the schools were open, and the small meat popsicles that we were trudged off to school.  Do I sound bitter?  I'm not, just saying. 

Today is going to be a stay at home kinda day, I will probably don some sort of winter gear later on and go for a trudge into the bush so the hellhound can go for a bit of a walk and wear off some of her pent up energy, but other than that, no trail building or wood chopping.  Oh and speaking of wood chopping, I used my new chainsaw yesterday for the first time.  I am in love.  It cuts like butter.  It is light, it actually cuts where I want it to, and the best part, I can actually start it all by my onesies.  I am hoping that when the snow f**ks off I can go out and do a bit of cleaning on the first part of my trail.  Alders begone!

Our cat went in yesterday to be spayed, I dropped her off in the morning and picked her up in the evening.  The told me to keep her quiet for the evening, so I put her in a room with a bit of food and water, her poop box and her bed, mostly to stop the hellhound from harassing the shit out of her.  She was not a happy cat.  Not even a little bit.  There was a bit of yowling going on.  You know how people say that cats don't like to be around people, its a lie.  Anyway this morning she is back being her annoying self and trying to piss me off every five minutes.  Well I must go and check out life. 

I noticed that I had a spelling type-o in the title.  Originally I laughed and was going to leave it, but the OCD side of me made me change it.


  1. Zilla's Other HalfNovember 23, 2011 at 12:41 PM

    Grond was right when he said she wouldn't notice - presuming of course you have a good vet. It is definately better than having 6 *surprise* kittens dumped on your doorstep.

    Winter has tried to come here, twice. In other parts of Ontario, I'm pretty sure they have something that looks more authentically like winter, but here it melted the first time and this is freezing slush, which I like and desire much less.

    While I don't really believe myself ready this year (gardens not quite to bed yet etc), I say bring it on.

  2. She seems to be over it. Right now she is having a nap but earlier was giving Cthulhu a run for his money.

    It is turning into freezing slush too. I hates it I do.

    I have a few small trees that need cutting lying in the bushes, I hear tell that most of the snow should be gone by tomorrow though so if I can get back there before the next dump I will feel better.