Friday, November 11, 2011

Writing, Writing Everywhere, And Not A Drop To Read

For some reason something in the air today, maybe all the rain, made me really take a long, long look at what I'm doing, or what I should be doing with my writing life, or lack thereof. I suddenly realized that the whole point of making the "big change" in my life had been so I could actually have a life. It has been quite a few years now that all I really wanted to be able to do is sit down and write. While I was working full time that just wasn’t an option, not with my schedule. So my hankering to write had always been like this intangible cobweb hovering around me, just out of reach, giving me those come hither looks while flexing illusory biceps. So last year when the hubby had decided that he had, had enough of his life in the doldrums I had been more than happy to jump onto his bandwagon and hit the “happy trails.” I was excited to be able to see if I could throw myself into a state of blissful creativity. I mean that’s pretty much all I have been yammering about for year right. But the reality has been quite different, my life still isn’t very conducive to writing. The crazy work schedule has now been replaced by the crazy life schedule, working on the house seems to be taking up way more of my free time than when I was working ten to twelve hour work days.

So I am declaring here and now that from this point forward I have resolved to take a little time every day to do some actual writing. Be it a short story, some on going work on a novel, or even just a sentence or two, I am determined to start my life as a writer. But be warned! I may even share some of it with you. (Queue dramatic score here.)


  1. That would be the general idea of doing what you're doing. Don't stress the fact that you've been a bit busy trying to sort out the whole *shelter* thing. Once it's straightened away (even if it takes another year or two) there will still be plenty of time to get to grips with that goal. At the same time I suppose that short of gaping holes in your walls or roof there is little reason you can't/couldn't just take a breather now and again and do what your hindbrain is telling you it wants to do (of course this is also ignoring the fact that you might have a personfication of certain manias insisting that it has to happen *now now now*). Anyhow, rest assured, the audience awaits.

  2. Don't separate your blog writing from what you may consider your "real" writing... everything can be used! One of the other links I follow, "Motivation for Creation" just published some thoughts on the discipline of daily writing; you might want to check it out. I'm looking forward to seeing some samples of your writing here, but be careful... work posted on your blog is considered "published" so you might not be able to submit it for certain contests, or magazines, etc. once it shows up here.