Monday, November 10, 2014

Early Morning Initiative

I thought I would sit down and click out a few words before getting to some serious work.  I am out in the Wookie Cave early, showered, fed, and in the mood.  It doesn't happen often folks so I am taking advantage of it.  I am also taking advantage of feeling like I want to blog.  It is a new (old) thing so here I am.  I let the birds out, and even though there is still frost on the ground they took to it right away.  The dog, in her infinite wisdom decided that she wanted to hang with me in my studio.  Right now she is 'on guard' at the window which is the perfect height for her, she can sit and watch for all the goings-on out there without having to be out there.  The hubby is out in the woods waiting for an innocent Bambi to wander by so he can murder it.  Don't tell anyone but I am secretly hoping that there be no Bambi murders for the next long while. 

I also have a guy/person/Klingon coming to have a look at the set of tire I have up for sale.  Kijiji rocks some times.  How else would I get rid of something taking up a lot of room and being able to make money which will go towards new winter tires for the new automobile?  There is the want ads in the paper, but does that even work anymore these days? 

And fingers and toes crossed...but it appears to be a lovely day out there.  And if the weather guys are to be believed, it might be a beautiful day for the next several days.  If that is true I will be doing a happy dance.  It would be sweet to finally get the last of the wood in.  That being said I am now off to the Never-Never Land in my head. 

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  1. I'm going to have to see if I can muster the strength to take advantage of tomorrow's promised high of fourteen degrees. If the sixty percent chance of rain can hold off until later in the day I can get some serious progress on that list bit of wood splitting (when I say 'bit' I mean, of course, days and days worth.