Friday, July 5, 2013

Heat Wave Central

Man oh man, we went from 16 degrees to 37 yesterday.  Today looks as if it will be around the same.  Yikes.  I have an 8k planned and I think it may be just a tad bit too hot for that.  Maybe I'll do a 6k and finish off with a dip in the lake.  Which by the way, is up over two feet.  Two feet!!!!!  Now that is what I call a lot of moisture. 

Hubby is out putting a new log splitter through its paces today.  A neighbour down the road purchased a new 20 ton splitter and has been keeping it here, he told hubby to go ahead and use it if he wants to.  So now I have been given instructions to start saving for a new log splitter for next spring. of us needs to get a job. 

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