Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yogurt Is Kitty Crack

My cat is probably the least affectionate cat on the planet, if you pick her up, or try to pet her she acts like you have the plague, or that you smell worse than the 99th level of the abyss.  The only time she acts all, "Hi, I love you and my only purpose in life is to rub up against you and worship you with my tongue," is when she is hungry, OR, when you flip open a container of yogurt.  Yogurt takes her to levels of affection which afterwards I am sure she has to spend days of self-flagellation to cleanse her mind and body from.  She loves the white creamy stuff so much that she could be curled into a ball in some basement hidey hole, and sleeping so deep that it would take a medical scanner from the 25th century to detect any signs of life, but the second the first molecule of scent hits the air her entire body goes into super high alert and she becomes this focussed, completely vigilant entity whose only purpose in life is to seek out and consume the manna from the gods.  Immediately after finishing her godsend she slinks away in self-loathing and performs her physical shame exercises out of sight. 


  1. Zilla's Other HalfJuly 12, 2012 at 10:00 AM

    This is not news to us. Also add: cream, butter, sour cream, mayonaisse to that list. Around here we let Sebastian lick out the little yoghurt containers. There's nothing funnier than his nose scrunching up as he tries desperately to get his tongue to the bottom corner of the container.

    And Karson's young. You'll find she'll grow more affectionate as she grows older.

  2. My boy cat would turn himself inside out for tapioca and a few licks/sips of Makers Mark. whiskey. He's passed on but I enjoy them both in his honor.

  3. Meant to add all best hopes and love for your Mom and great joy that your daughter and son-in-law have seen the light and moved to Novi . MAybe they moved because they know that you and hubby are experts at rebuilding kitchens and bathrooms and entire houses!