Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Yup it officially feels cold enough to be winter out here in the sticks.  I took the hell hound for a walk this afternoon, the thermometer said -1, but the wind said it was a hell of a lot colder.  I walked three k out with the wind in my face and it felt frigid, then I walked three k back with the wind at my back and I felt warm...then my butt turned into an assicle.  Bad news is that when it thawed it was still as big as ever.  Good news is that there still isn't any snow and I am pretty happy about that. 

I finished the last of the wood yesterday...serious relief.  I actually had all the heating wood done a couple of weeks ago, but still had the "slabs" which have been out most of the summer drying.  The slabs are what we use to make our kindling.  And although we have had a lot of moisture this year some of it was actually dry...although some was so wet that one slab was almost too heavy to lift.  Win some, lose some. 

I put the first coat of coloured paint on the Wookie Cave, but I don't have enough to finish all the walls.  I keep going into Home Hardware to look for mistinted paint, but this time of year there are few and far between in that department.  Come on people!  A good inside project would be to repaint your house, mama needs some light pastel colours.  So I may have to "gulp" buy some, and pay full price.  That's just not right.  I did find a gallon for $8 bucks but it was dark grey, almost black...not exactly something I want to use for a studio.  I guess I will wait another week before caving to the inevitable. 

This afternoon was spent doing a little bit of painting, as in canvases, I usually love that but today for some reason it just wasn't doing what I wanted it to do.  I'm hoping that tomorrow things will behave themselves a bit better.  Nothing sucks like not being able to get the colours right.  (Well that isn't true, going to the dentist sucks worse than that.  Breaking a bone sucks.  Losing your favourite toque, getting a boot full of water, pulling quills out of your dog's nose, running out of gas...I could go on.)

Well I'd better go, I'm in the middle of critiquing a piece of writing and I still haven't had any supper.  So supper first, cause I can get pretty cranky on an empty stomach, and critiquing second.  Then off to bed because it is almost 8pm.  Yikes! 


  1. Considering the fact that we've already had a night down to minus thirteen I'd say you have to suck it up baby! Just imagine what it's like back in the home town.

  2. I hear tell they have 6 inches of the white stuff on the ground. Yuck! Apparently it's -15 out west. That sucks donkey balls. One of the guys was telling hubby that he was pushing snow with his bumper.

    By the by, your blog is being an asshat and will not allow me to leave any comments.