Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blue Skies and Spinning Worlds

So yesterday and the day before wasn't fun, even a little tiny bit.  You see for the past four days or so I have been getting these dizzy spells which kept getting worse and worse.  Finally I got to the stage where even if I moved a hair then the entire world would go into overdrive and I would fall down.  Not fact it sucks the big one.  So I ended up in the ER, where they were nice enough to put an IV thingy into my arm and pump some anti-world-spinning medication into me.  It didn't stop the world from spinning, but it did stop me from wanting to projectile vomit.  It turns out that I have a wee bit of an inner ear infection which is playing wonky-nuts with my head.  Today is the first day where I don't feel the need to chuck my cookies.  This might be because of the medication they gave me, or perhaps it is because I am actually starting to get better.  Either way, I am joyful that the world is keeping solid. 

The fact is that it is a lovely the pluses...and I feel so good that I want to go out and partake.  Hubby thinks that this is a bad idea (seeing as I was full of needles in the ER just yesterday morning) and has given me the hairy eyebrow look.  So I will be a good girl and sit here and type.  The dog says, "get off your lazy butt and take me for a walk."  But what does she know?  After all she goes around sniffing dead things and poop. 

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  1. That is just plain weird. How is it that with thousands of clicks between us we're sharing in the same goodness? I haven't got anything so severe but I'm just looking at two weeks of mild spinny head accompanied by bouts of vertigo. So far none of it enough to make me nauseous but still. Not a good way to be able to do much useful stuff in the world. Because I'm not headed into violent upchuck world I think I'll just be trying to arrange a visit with my MD (or associates) to see what they can see.