Sunday, March 30, 2014

What a difference a day makes...

This week started out as a typical week in the early springtime of the eastern part of the western world.  Cold and windy but nice enough to go for a walk/run.  But the weather network and the radio people were all freaking out about the coming storm.  One thing I have learned since moving here is to believe these people about the big - hurricanes, nor'easters, drought, etc.  So the kid packed up all of her stuff, left masses amounts of food for the cats, filled her bathtubs, and moved out to my place.  After all, Nova Scotia is the land of the power outages.  We went for a nice enjoyable (slightly chilly) walk in the afternoon, talked about the wonderousness of sunny weather and the fact that apparently we were in for a big one on Wednesday. 

On Tuesday the weather was even nicer...iffin you can believe it.  Sunnier, warmer, and less windy.  No snow was to be found anywhere.  It was bee-YOU-tea-full.  Wednesday dawned cloudy but relatively benign.  I had a few doubts about the storm as it had been predicted to start the night before.  Still no snow on the ground.  Then the wind started to pick up...

By the time five o'clock rolled around we had a four foot snowdrift in our back yard.  You could not see across the driveway.  That is when a little one decided that she wanted to go outside to play.  After about a half hour of showing her what it looked like outside (horizontal snow) and opening the door (keeping a shoulder against it so it wouldn't get blown against the wall and create major damage) she still wanted to go out.  So we packed her up and headed out the door with her.  (Not we...her grandfather did) They tried to walk across the driveway but couldn't see because the small ice pellets were stinging their eyes, so she opted to try to "play" by sitting on a tree branch close to the ground and hang on so she wouldn't get blown across the yard.  That is when she turned to her Papa and said.  "Papa I think I made a bad decision.  Can we go back in the house now."  Sometimes you just have to experience things in order to really understand the ramifications.  Ah youth. 

The storm continued to rage into the night and the next morning the neighbour's cottage had a ten foot wind drift behind it.  But the temperatures warmed up and by the next day...we were back to no snow.  Today the weather network had these words...I shit you not.  "Rain this morning with the possibility of turning into rain this afternoon."  And yes, it is raining.  And craptastic out there.  March came in like a lion and seems to be heading out like a tyrannosaurus rex.  Perhaps if I make a sacrifice to the weather gods they will take pity on us in April.  (In other words let up on the fucking April showers will you!)

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