Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nor'easter and Tea

Today is definitely one of those days which makes a person thankful that they can build a nice warm toasty fire, pour a cup of tea and curl up with a good book. To say that it is shitty outside is a major understatement. It is a typical eastern Nor’easter. The wind is gusting, the rain is falling horizontally, and there are snow pellets beating against the window. Yes, a really great day to stay inside and avoid the unpleasantness.

And to be honest, I am not in the least feeling guilty about it. Yesterday we hauled four truck loads of wood into the basement and stacked it up in the crib. By the last load I had, had enough. But this morning when I went into the basement and saw the big chunk of work completed in the form of nicely stacked firewood it certainly made it all worthwhile. There are two and a half bunks left to fill and once done it will be the wood for the winter. The left over wood we are going to pile into the small Wookie Cave, so on the off chance that the winter is particularly long and cold we will have enough to last us through the worst of it. (Or on the chance that the kids come to visit and more heat than normal is required we should be prepared.)

Yesterday was also our first official “Cheat Day” for this new diet that I decided to embark us on. I decided that it would make sense to do our first measurements the morning of, (just in case we really, really over indulge in the cheating) so we did our weighing and measuring. So I am pleased to report that after only five days the hubby is down five pounds, and yours truly is down four. And all that was done on a diet that didn’t leave us hungry, ever. With those kinds of results I think it will be relatively easy to stick with the plan. So bring it on!

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