Saturday, October 15, 2011

Progress Pictures

For some reason, probably because I am trying to do a before and after show, I cannot find the original pictures of the exterior of the house. Anyway no biggie, here are some pictures of the renovation process of the exterior. The first picture shows that we have already replaced two of the windows, and are working on the new entry way. But you get the idea.

This next picture shows the new entry door in place, but the old one is still there and so is the large picture window in sun room, soon to be new master bedroom.

This picture shows out with the old, in with the new.

This is already starting to look like it looks today.

The almost finished project. Only a few touches left. Considering putting up shutters, but that won't be until next year, or until a big sale comes up for them. So all new windows, one new door in a slightly different spot than originally, and a temporary back step. Next year, when the new deck goes in, we will put the final back step into place. And there you have it...only a thousand more things to do and Bob's your uncle.

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  1. That's looking right properly civilized (not to mention wrenched into the twenty-first century). We look forward to visiting the finished product.