Thursday, August 9, 2012


I thought I would throw a quickie post up on this here thing before heading off for the day.  I am going to go and break my mom out of the hospital on a day pass so she can hang out with the kids.  Yesterday she was hell bent on checking herself out even though she can't walk more than five steps on her own, and can't sleep horizontal for more then ten minutes, but she is pretty stubborn though and when she gets something into her head she doesn't exactly think things through. 

The temperatures are supposedly going to go way up today so hanging out in and around water is probably a good idea.  Depending on how things go I may take mom down to the ocean for an hour so she can take in some warm weather, waves, and bracken.  Hopefully she will enjoy it, although that seems to be a bit of a stretch as she has given up on caring about anything which is happening now and is only interested in the latest breaking stories from 1948 and earlier.  Now if I could just figure out how to get the hell hound and the wheel chair into the car at the same time?

Hubby of course will be spending a scorching day on someone else's roof.  If I could harness the energy he has for working himself into the ground and focus it on running I would be an Olympic gold medalist!  Well I am off to the races...taking deep breaths now...enjoying the moment of peace. 

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