Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Star Trek

Last night I went to the new Star Trek movie...wait for it...I loved it.  It was really fun, entertaining and pretty cool.  Sure there was some cheesy scenes, some kitschy scenes, and some over used phrases, (yes, yes I know...the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one...I GET IT!) but there was also a lot of fun.  I even watched it in 3D, and up until now hadn't really been a big fan, but this was pretty good.  However I would like to watch it just as a regular movie as well.  Will have to wait for the DVD I guess. 

The new Khan was seriously kick ass, way tougher, less friendly, and a little more evil than Ricardo.  I still like the original Khan better because he had a lot more personality, but I think this Khan depicted more of what real engineered super humans might be like. 

I loved that they threw a tribble into the mix.  I liked the evil dreadnaught class of starship.  (Spoiler Alert...or maybe no, maybe its just a given.)  Why, oh why, oh why, do all Starfleet Admirals go bad?  Is it because absolute power corrupts absolutely?  It just seems like cope out.  

I loved...LOVED Karl Urban's portrayal of Bones.  He was awesome!  I love Karl Urban anyway...I seriously heart Eomer, never would have picked him for this role but I thought he did an amazing job and now cannot imagine this role going to anyone else. Zachary Quinto did an amazing job as well. He so is the next Spock.  Whoever was the casting people for this hit the bulls-eye for these two. I was totally expecting the blond to be Yeoman Rand, it isn't, but who the girl is makes for a good mix in the Khan story line. 

Anyway before I go on and give it all away I will stop.  But I just wanted to say that I liked this movie.  Such a relief!  There have been some real stinkers as of late.  Now I have to go because I have a tick crawling up my pant leg.  I think I will BBQ the little bastard. 

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