Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Actually the weather outside is winter.  We got a dump and a half yesterday and then another dump through the night.  The good news is that it didn't warm up and start raining.  I cannot even imagine what that would have done to the surroundings.  And also on the plus side is that after plowing and shoveling three times we have an actual driveway and place to park vehicles today. 

I went for a walk in the storm yesterday and almost had to tunnel my way home.  So I jumped on the quad and plowed out our driveway, all half a kilometer of it, then the hubby did later on, and then the hubby went out this morning and did it again.  So yay us. On the down side, our road is not a main road so the snow plows have yet to make it back here.  It still has a good foot or so of snow on it, so no driving anywhere.

Now it is blue skies, sunny, windy, and cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.  I took the hellhound out for a walk this afternoon and was ever so glad when I got to turn out of the wind.  Its lucky I still have a nose and cheeks left and they didn't fall right off.

The water for the birds was frozen almost right through, so when I replaced it with warm water I was greeted by cheers.  Well perhaps not cheers, more like...SQUAWK!  (Which means, what the hell took you so long.)  I have the water sitting on a cement block which is being heated by a light bulb so at least there is always a small part of the water that remains liquid enough to drink. But I pulled it out earlier thaw it and obviously I waited a little too long.  My bad.  But now they are watered and fed and should be able to fill the coop with poop.  Oh the joy.

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