Monday, February 2, 2015


Yup...another storm.  Since January 27th we have had storm day...clear day...storm day...clear day...storm day...  And yesterday it was nice and it was sunny until around 7:30 am and then the clouds moved in.  Now, according to the weather people, we are in for another nor' easter-wester-souther-cane.  It started snowing just after noon and apparently just after midnight it is supposed to turn to rain and then back into snow. 

In the meantime I just don't care.

My plans for today are - laundry, bake cookies, and do homework.  I've managed the first two and have been doing some serious time-wasting for the last one.  I also have three more paintings commissioned which I will have to get to right smartly.  Why is it that shitty weather always makes me lazy? 


  1. Apparently it's genetic.

    1. Although the pater loved him some cold weather. It must come from the matriarch.