Monday, January 26, 2015

Sunny Days...and then...

What is it about living on the east coast which make people go a little loopy? 

Today the skies are blue and the sun is shining and the temperatures are quite pleasant.  Apparently tomorrow that is about to change.  We are in for a bit of a storm.  Which means we will go from green fields and clear roads to large quantities of snow.  Yes, it happens.  It is winter.  Shit like that has been going on ever since I was pushed out into this world.  In Canada...wait for the snows.  There I said it.  The awful truth. 

Now this snowfall is predicted to end the next day.  So really, in the scheme of things, this winter storm will be rather short.  The hubby decided to go to the city (Halifax) today to get a quote for some material we need to finish our project, on the way out he stopped and talked with one of the people who live out here in the sticks.  "Going into town to get supplies?" he asked.  "There's a storm coming tomorrow." 

Every time!  People around here act like survivalists whenever they hear of a weather event.  Dog forbid that you should actually have to go shopping the day before a storm.  There is mayhem and hysteria everywhere.  Shelves are actually empty all over the stores.  Never once, in all the years I lived out west did I ever see the grocery stores with empty shelves like you do here.  In fact, if I didn't know better I would have assumed that they were just perpetually filled by some sort of magic. 

Is it the population density?  Was it normal previous to me moving here that they had to go weeks without food and water after a storm?  Or is it some kind of mass hypnosis or delusion that is at work.  Either way it leads me to believe that when the Zombie Apocalypse happens, living in the eastern part of the world will be bad.  All the food and water will be gone.  All the fuel and ammunition will be hoarded.  And the Zombie chanting will sound like..."We told you so.  We told you so. We told you so. We told you so, but you wouldn't listen." 

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