Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Afternoons and Chocolate Chip Cookies

So yay for me!  I managed to convince myself to go for a walk.  Hazzuh!  The roads were pretty much okay, there were a few spots that still had ice covering, those places I did more skating than walking.  Actually I was surprised that there was any kind of ice, after the massive rainfall we had yesterday.  In fact, I was expecting to wake up to piles and piles of snow.  But it never dropped below zero and consequently we are still in the green belt.  On a better note, I now feel less shitastic after my walk.  Perhaps, fingers crossed, this cold is beginning to bugger off. 

The neighbours once again made trip after trip after trip, this time removing sled after sled full of stuff from the cabin across the channel.  So after my walk I went down to the lake to perhaps try doing a running skate with my boots on, but the first 8' to solid ice was just water.  I'm curious to know how the neighbours managed to get on the ice with the quad that many times?  And how they managed not to go through.  Lucky people. 

I need the hubby to build me a doggy rinse shed.  The hellhound is one humungous dripping muddy icicle.  Or better yet, anyone interested in one, slightly used German Shepherd?

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