Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Painting and winter

Before I roll up my sleeves and start working on the next set of paintings I thought I would sit down and write a word or two.  Because once I get into that side of my creative brain then everything else is neglected...in a big way. 

Good news, I did a quick visit to one of my brothers last week and noticed that he had a little space heater.  After inquiring about it I found out that it a) worked well, and b) was on sale at Costco for $99 dollars.  I've been looking for a heater for the Wookie Cave for over a year now.  I sold the little wood stove I was going to use because after much thought realized that it wouldn't work for a number of reasons.  Reason numero one was because I need consistent heat through the night.  The last thing I want is for all my paints to freeze.  Anyway I had my heart set on this marine gas fireplace I saw used in one of those tiny houses people are building...I still may get it but the price tag is over a grand and way out of my budget for now.  So as the hubby was going into the city anyway I had him pick one up.  There is now joy-joy in the Wookie Cave, it is working very nicely.  (My only concern is that on day one it knocked out a breaker...here's hoping that it was just an old breaker...faulty breaker...and that was an anomaly.)  Since then it has been working just right.  Most especially because over night the temperatures have plummeted.  But it is -11 outside and the Wookie Cave is toasty warm inside.  So yeah. 

Speaking of...I have an order for six more paintings so I best be getting at er. 

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