Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bunnies on the Move

I'm not exaggerating when I say that today is the nicest day we've had in months. It is sunny, +14, and bright, bright, and bright some more. Yesterday just as I was finishing my walk it started to snow, and today, when I went out for my walk I (and my trusty side kick Poncho...aka Kit) were the only two creatures to leave footie prints on the snow.  And then I turned the corner...

All I can say is that today must have been so beautiful that every single bunny, squirrel, mouse, and other kind of rodent, decided that it was a great day to go out for a hop/scurry/run.  The road was criss-crossed with trails.  Poncho was so excited that she snorted the white powder for at least six kilometers, non-stop. Then, having over indulged, thought it was a great idea to slide along head first in the stuff there after. The snow is no longer untouched.

The strange thing was that on the way home we ran across a clam shell.  Just sitting there on the top of the snow.  How the hell did it get there?  All the lakes in these here parts have several feet of ice over them.  The ocean is very far, as the crow or any other type of bird flies, so where did it come from?  It had to be a bird because there were no tracks of any kind around it, but where the hell did the bird get it?  Strange...

Speaking of birds, the guineas are also enjoying the hell out of the day.  Although the majority of their world is still covered in snow, there are one or two patches of grass peaking through.  The caterwauling and squawking is reaching a crescendo of guinea pleasure. 

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