Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Okay this will be a very short entry as I am busy, busy, busy.   Renovations are in full swing, cutting trails is still an ongoing activity, and cutting wood is still a priority.  Yikes.  Yesterday while I was breaking trail I think I cut down about 40,000 small saplings with my handy dandy new cutter thingie that I bought at the Home Show in Halifax.  Wowza but it works good.  So today my neck, shoulders, back and arms are all hurtin units.  So today should be a kick back and recover kind of day - the hubby, who happens to be walking around like someone beat him with a pain stick does not agree.  He thinks that the world as we know it will come to a quick and blinding end if he doesn't get the gyprocking done today.  I asked him what exactly the hurry was and why he felt in necessary to kill himself, I cannot print his reply here. 

So I am doing up budget numbers for March today and listening for instructions to "hold this" and "help me lift this." 

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