Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Loonie Tunes

Well let the bells ring and the trumpets blare, the loons are back in town!  I heard my first official mournful call this afternoon.  Those sounds are the sounds of spring having sprung.  Of course I shouldn't be altogether caught off guard, what with the whole local environment being warm, and the ice melting itself off the lake.  That should have been enough.  But it wasn't. 

The whole bird sanctuary is coming back into full activity now, yesterday after I arrived home from the city I took the little hell-houndicus for a walk in the back forty and I heard Tits.  (Not the mammary glands, the owls.  You see, they hoot, so they are hooters, so consequently they are Tits.  A collective, kinda like the Borg.  You had to have been there for that one.  It involved rum.  Need I say more?) Anyway like I was saying, yesterday Tits was just a hooting away.  Today a Loon.  Tomorrow, who knows.  Isn't it wonderful.

This afternoon on my little jaunt with the little dog I noticed that she was pretty involved in some piece of detritus which she had picked up along the way.  Now knowing dogs in general, I do not like it much when they carry something around in their mouths and then fling it into the air and then try to roll in it, long ago I have discovered that this is a bad sign.  So after ordering her to spit it out.  Me: "Drop it!"  Her: "Pfft."  Me: "Ughh, that's gross.  No!  Don't touch!"  Her: "Sniff.  Munch."  Dead frozen frog.  And she's supposedly a German Shepherd.  And here I thought that only the French were into the frogs legs. 

Oh I have a bit of culinary activity to report.  I am making something today which will culminate in a finished product tomorrow.  Tada!  Okay so it may not be a big thing to the world in general, but to me that is huge.  My, Chef Boy Ardee, talents usually are limited to a half hour preparation time, anything more than that and I lose interest fast.  I have ADHD when it comes to cooking.  Short attention span.  But today I prepared the dough which has to be refrigerated over night, then tomorrow I will be rolling, stuffing and baking.  No matter how it turns out, it is a step above and beyond the call for this Dora Domestica.   

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