Sunday, March 20, 2011

Destructo Strikes Again

Today was a gorgeous beautiful sunny warm day, and what did I do?  I spent the entire day ripping apart a room which was once upon a time a small spare room and will sometime in the future become a brand spanking new bathroom. 

So with hammer and crowbar in hand I took down mouldings, ripped apart a built in bed, and pulled up flooring and under flooring.  I kinda like the whole aspect of deconstruction, unfortunately this room, like every other part of the place so far had a minimum of a hundred nails to each foot of space.  Its like this whole place is made of nothing but metal.  Tomorrow I will start on the gyprock, but first I will be going outside and enjoying some of the sun before I miss it all. 

There had better be some sun!


  1. Brutal! What the heck were you thinking?!

    De-con-STRUC-tion: the indepth study of the previous homeowner's often outrageous decorating tastes; reveals an insane mind (often one's own).

    Steamed that gorgeous pink & green wallpaper from the bathroom walls to unveil gas-line yellow beneath lavendar paint. Have alr eady removed the pink carpeting... I guess it would have matched the lavendar?

    I think this is what was meant by the Ideas of March, and yes, beware. Maybe take tomorrow off, get some sun? All this slogging about inside is robbing you of Vit D. I'm getting depressed just thinking about it!

  2. Unfortunately today was sunless, so I spent the afternoon chainsawing yet again. Ouch my aching back and arm.

    I did find a penny in the wall and a note telling me who left it. It is nowhere near as interesting as the 8 ball we found in the ducting, the porn dvds we found in the shingles in the bar, and the German newspapers I found in the kitchen.

  3. You didn't tell me about the penny and the note. Gee whiz. Can't even remember the gossip when I need you to.