Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh What A Wuss Bucket I Am

Here's the thing, after sitting in my office for fifteen years, all day, every day, I have become a world class wuss.  Hard to believe eh?  I mean who'da thunk it, sitting and typing on a computer and talking on the phone doesn't get you into shape or keeps you in shape. 

Today I spent four hours out in the bush with the hubby cutting up wood and stacking it.  At one point I pulled the cord on the chainsaw and it recoiled badly and I now have a booboo on my forearm.  Then I had to do all this leaning over and cutting the actual logs and my lower back is aching.  So after being out there for a half hour I was doing some serious sweating (which lets face it, is not exactly a news flash for those who know me and mine, our family is known for its internal heating capacity, I believe if someone could invent something to capture the heat coming off of our bodies we could heat a small town of 10,000 without even breaking a sweat...but I digress) and because today is cold and shitty I started to get cold right away.  So I was either freezing, when I had to stop and sharpen the chain, or I was sweating when I was cutting and stacking.  So after four hours I was done.  Hubby came in and grabbed a bite to eat then went back out.  Thank dog for him, otherwise I would either freeze to death in the winter, or pay mucho denaros to keep the shack warm. 

In the meantime we have purchased our windows to replace the existing, let the cold and winds blow through, windows.  It is going to be a big job, a big, big, big job, so I am thinking that I should have been training all winter by doing weights and running for hours so I will be even a modicum of helpful when it comes to replacing them.  Seeing as it took me almost three hours just to pull the gyprock off one wall, break it up, and stick it into garbage bags.  Oh and I took down the ceiling tiles and pulled about five hundred staples out of the ceiling, but I don't think I can count that. 

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