Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beware The Ides Of March

Well it is only about four hours from the end of this particular Ides and so far I haven't found anything to "beware of."  Today was another spectacular spring day in the land that is east.  It was sunny and warm and felt like a little bit of Nirvana.  This morning the lake was having massive indigestion, so much so in fact that I actually had to grab my camera and go and video the noise it was making.  I'd attach it here but it takes wayyyy too long to attach a movie clip.  Just think of a rumbling stomach when you've eaten for too much and multiply that by about a thousand, then you will get what it sounded like. 

Right after that the hubby went into town and I went out for a nice little walk with the hell hound then decided to do some trail clearing, so I packed my trusty little chainsaw, an ax, a spade and my hedge cutters and headed back into the bush.  I spent a few hours cleaning up fallen branches and old rotten trees which happened to have landed where I decided the next section of my trail was going to be.  I dug a couple of channels with my spade to allow the water a quicker run across the existing trails.  Then I fired up the chainsaw and cut out some smaller trees which were impeding the way.  Last but not least, I then actually managed to start the hedge cutter (it has a tendency to not like me much) and I cut out some underbrush and a few branches here and there.  Altogether a rather enjoyable little jaunt in the trees, in the sun, with my trusty sidekick (who abandoned me once she got bored and ran home). 

On the way home I started to brood about my backyard, which happens to be a field, and when I say field you may be thinking that I am exaggerating and really what I mean to say is a very big backyard, but you would be wrong.  My back field is about three, maybe four acres of lawn, and ever since I moved into The Shack (working title) that has kind of picked my butt.  Not that I happen to have anything against fields per se, as long as there is a purpose for one.  Like if you happened to have a flock of bovines that you needed to keep fed a field would make sense.  Or if you were an avid golfer and you wanted to make yourself a little mini putting green, or twelve, a field would make sense.  Or even if you wanted to build it so they would come, then a field of dreams would be your ticket.  But what I have is this big assed field which has been deforested of all happy forest type growth, and in my opinion, looks like shit.  And before you get all "what's your problem Ms Treehugger" on me, my reply to that is pffffttttt, it's my party and I can be a tree hugger if I want to be. 

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah, so I have this big assed field in the back which apparently the previous owner was so taken with that she would go out all day in the summer to cut the grass.  And don't get me wrong, I don't particularly have an issue with cutting grass, what I do have an issue with is the waste of a great opportunity to make the coolest backyard ever.  So my brain has been planning to go and find some trees in the back forty and replant them in my field and make it into a little Utopia of live growing things.  Of course I wouldn't regrow the entire field, I'd like to leave a big chunk of it so I can learn how to become Gardening Gert, but I would like to see at least three and a half of the four acres returned to its natural state.  (Well the state that I say will be natural at least.)  I figure this will do a couple of things, a) it will be pretty. b) it will provide some shade and shelter for little beasties around here. c) it will give us a windbreak to protect the road getting covered by all the snow which gets windswept across the field and dumped onto the the hill, and d) it will give me more privacy so I would be less likely to have to see, or worse, speak with the neighbours.  Maybe I should have started with d)?

So depending on the state of the weather tomorrow I will be taking my handy dandy pink surveyors tape and tramping all around to look for suitable type trees to replant.  (And when I say I will replant them, what I really mean is the hubby will.  After all, why does he think I bought him that backhoe?)  I guess that means that those trees will have to "Beware the Day After the Ides of March."  Mu-hahahahahaha.

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