Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Deconstruction Happening

Okay just a quick note then I am off to shower off the stink!  Today was quite proactive in the land of deconstructing, today we pulled off ALL the gyprock from the hall and the *soon to be bathroom*.  It's funny how the place already looks about a hundred times better even though a lot of the walls are down to the bare studs.  I guess my aversion to wallpaper runs deep. 

Okay so here is a quick version of what is happening with the room which will soon become a bathroom. 


  1. I'm still OCDing about what a stupid location that window is located.

  2. Hey Savisjr (and Bess),

    Both *she* and I were kinda fixated on that little thing as well. I'm guessing moving either the wall or the window would end up meaning alot of screwing around (what with windows cutting into structural support like they do). Still...maddening.