Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Daylight Savings

Well I just have to say that I do not ever remember having enjoyed a DST (daylight saving time) change date as much as I enjoyed this one.  There were many attributes to this day, first and foremost - I knew that I did not have to get up early tomorrow morning and drive to work in the pitch dark.  That was always what I hated about this time of the year the most, you spent all winter hoping for the time you could get up and be able to drive to work when there was even a little bit of light in the sky, then wham!  Along comes DST and you are back to having to go to work in the middle of the freaking night again.  Then there was always that feeling of being ripped off an hour, and it seemed like you were never, ever going to get used to it.  I know, I know, it is only one hour, but when you have to get up at 4:30 am, an hour means A LOT.  Then the next best thing was not really knowing whether or not I had to change the clocks last night, or had to change them tonight, because it doesn't matter!  Because I live in the sticks, and I'm not punching a clock.  I love that...a LOT.  Then of course there was the whole beautiful day thing going on today.  I went for my walk in the back forty and it was warm and gorgeous.  The sun was shining, the birds were singing, a warm breeze was blowing.  The best day ever!  And although things are still a tad bit damp, and a tad bit muddy a body can actually see where things are starting to dry up a bit. 

After my walk I was down hanging out by the side of the lake this afternoon and could see that the ice is definitely rotting out all over the place.  That is soooooo cool (or warm as the case may be) even the dog broke through when she jumped on the ice.  She was not too taken with her polar bear swim though.  Not that it stopped her from doing it again.  Which comes to the next part of my good day, I am thrilled to announce the we have zero snow in our yard.  Well okay that isn't exactly true, we have zero snow approximately six or seven acres around the shack, however we do still have quite a bit of snow in the shady areas of the acreage.  But the immediate vicinity of the house is all grass (and rocks and such, but no snow).  And my trail, which I cut late last summer, is completely clear of snow and only has a couple of small areas which are occupied by puddles.  Happy days are here again. 

So Happy Daylight Saving Time to everyone.  A celebration of the world's most useless invention. 

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  1. Even though Fort St. John stays out of the insanity of the DST I'd still prefer to live somewhere there for example!