Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Am Alive, Just Out Of Touch

Just thought I would put a quick little note here so that people will know that I am still here and haven't fallen off the face of the planet.  We are in the middle of renovating the room which holds the desk and the computer.  So that means that the computer has been moved because I'm pretty sure that it could not stand up to the extreme environment of drywall dust, sawdust, grunge dust, etc.  I have hooked up a small wireless which only seems to be working on my little notebook and not my main computer, which means I have a tiny bit of access, but only when things are not so extreme. 

So the good news is that all the windows and new sliding door has been installed in the room, the ceiling has been replaced with new drywall, some of the inside walls have been erected in the rooms, and a few other items are in the process of being changed.  I'm not sure how much longer it will take, but I suspect it will be awhile.  The cash flow is coming to an end right smartly and I am hoping that it will coincide with the completion of the project, but do not hold out much hope for that miracle to happen.  The best we can hope for at this stage is for the majority of the work to be done when the money runs out.  Sigh. 

Well I must go because I suspect that I will have to disconnect the wireless in ten minutes.  Once the main computer is back on line I will add some pictures, until then, say la vee!

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  1. Whew! We were starting to wonder with the 'silent running' going on. Glad to hear things are still there.