Friday, July 15, 2011

Tomorrow Will Suck

As the title suggests, I am not looking forward to tomorrow.  Why?  Well lets start with the fact that I have ordered a large refuse bin to be parked beside my house.  This bin, if I know us at all, will be filled to bursting with the interior of what was once the favourite room of the previous owner by the end of the day.  (Fingers crossed.)  So if all goes well we should be well into replacing windows and doors by the middle of next week.  By the end of next week we should be well into drywalling and all the fun that goes along with that.  So really I should just stop whining right now seeing as my new master bedroom is potentially within spitting distance (well time wise anyway).

I'm not too sure how Karson the cat will react to the destruction of this room, ever since we cleaned it out she has been having wayyyyyy too much fun racing around in it like it was the Indianapolis 500.  Cats are crazy at this age, it makes them a hoot to watch.

So today started out to be cool and cloudy but ended up to be warmer and sunny.  The back forty was spectacularly awesome, dappled shading, cool and inviting, and best of all, no bugs!  I took the hell hound for a walk and then decided to trim some apple trees and pack some wood to the new staging area.  It would have been perfect had the dog not rolled in something disgusting.  I had to throw the stick into the water at least fifty times to try and get some of the stink off.  Ah, German Shepherds, they certainly broke the mold when they were created.

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