Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Day After Canada Day

Happy Birthday to Us...etc.

Yesterday was a relatively productive day here at Kitpu Estates, the day was a beaut, most especially after the shite weather we have been having, so the agenda called for some wood splitting and wood stacking.  We managed to fill up the trailer a few times and drag the wood all split to a big empty, gravelled area which hopefully has much sunshine and wind so that we can get some good drying time in before we have to haul the stuff into the basement.  The deer flies were out in full force every time I was out in the blazing sunshine but luckily for me and a well placed Blue Nose Burqa I did not turn into a big chewed upon bag of meat.  So after a few hours of work we now have a pretty stack of about two cords merrily drying away.  Then after some much needed caloric intake I took my handy dandy ratchet cutter and headed back out to do some trail clearing.  I managed to get around 200 - 300 meters cut so I am one happy Kitpu Manor resident.

Unfortunately that meant I was away from the radio all day and missed out on the thrilling epic adventures of the honeymooning couple.  Ah what I would have given to have had the privilege of standing at the side of the road in the roasting heat, craning my neck with anticipation of catching a glimpse as they rode? skated? walked? were carried by big brawny security guards? by in the parade in our nation's capital.  Although according to the CBC they are headed for PEI for a tour.  PEI is only a hop, skip, and a jump away from here so it's not like it would be impossible not to go and check out the festivities.  But if I did that who would cut more trail for me?  And that wood isn't going to stack itself now is it.  Oh and there is the fact that I'd rather run around naked in the middle of Pleasant Street with "Kick Me" written in ketchup on my skin than actually go to PEI to see the royals.

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  1. Yah see...I prefer to do that cutting and splitting to trees that have been pre-deadified for a few years so that I can jump straight to the burning part without the months and months and months of drying. On the other hand we havenn't been experience the Pre-ark weather it seems has been yours this *spring* (as in the sky is a giant spring filled with watery goodness.

    Truth to tell I really have to get serious about at least a *suggestion* of cutting and splitting or our cupboards will be way to bare.