Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just Another Day In The Sticks, Oh And In The Lake Too!

So another day, another dollar spent in the land of renovations.  Today, when not out playing in the water and working on my beach, I was doing a little bit of odds and sods in the living room, painting trim, putting another coat on the window sill, and of course staining the mantel for the fireplace.  Mr Renovator was also into the odds and sods business, as well as the fishing business.  Apparently much fun was had out on the lake, he claims to have caught around fifteen but threw them all back in because they were too small.  It sounds like a "fish story" to me.

So now the next step is to rip out the old sun-room and morph it into a new bedroom, bathroom and walk in closet.  Here are the before pictures hopefully they will soon be followed by the "in-progress" pics.  We will actually be renting a big assed garbage bin as everything is coming out, even the ceiling.

This is the sun-room sans junk, avec wayyyyyyyy the hell too much knotty pine and pine flooring.  To me it looks like Paul Bunyan came in and threw up wood all over the place.  Although if some of it is salvageable (I'm hoping a lot of the flooring) it will end up in the Wookie Cave.  And just in case you are thinking that this is an anomaly, it isn't, the Bluenosers are big into knotty pine.

Looking lake ward. This window will soon go the way of the dodo and will morph into a sliding glass door out onto a deck which isn't actually there right now, perhaps next year.  But only if I can sell the cargo trailer which we moved here with. 

Looking out toward the side of the shack.  This area here will be the start of the new master bedroom and a slightly larger window will replace the existing one.  

Looking toward the back yard.  This used to be the main entryway into the shack.  Where the door is now is destined to be the new ensuite, and where the window is now will be a small walk in closet.  Door and window will be replaced by two small windows.  That weird sort of inside window thingy will soon be gone. 

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