Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh Baby Your So Hot

Today was a smoking hot day here at Kitpu Manor.  The temperature climbed into the thirties and some serious sweating was happening.  Even though the temperature was making things a bit on the overheating side the renovations continued.  In fact today's renovations were along the lines of making the residents of Kitpu Manor hot on those days which will not be hot, in fact they will be frigid.  Meaning of course, that today the old fireplace has been transformed into something which is not so ugly, and in addition will be ready to receive the new high efficiency insert which when lit will hopefully make the shack a tad bit more comfy toasty.

So this is what it looked like to start with.

During the phase which will give the insert an easier fit.

Almost there.

Bye, bye, yellow bricks on the wall.  Hello cement.

And here we are almost ready for the tiles and the mantel.

Oh and just as a note, there be fish in that lake.  Here is the proof.  They were tasty.  Yummy.


  1. Crappies? Some kind of Whitefish? That don't look like anything I umember from our youth.

  2. The locals call them white perch, but Mr Renovator looked it up in his 'Big Book Of Fish' and wasn't really able to pin them down. I can't remember which ones he decided on though. They kinda look like small mouth bass? At least they are edible though.

  3. Armed with that name I ad a look around on the Interwebs and it surely does seem to be White Perch as shown here http://www.unb.ca/cri/projects/Fish_key/Percichthyidae/White_Perch.htm

    No wonder I didn't recognize the little beggar.