Thursday, June 16, 2011

Disappointed and Disgusted

I cannot believe how disgusting the actions are of a few idiots in Vancouver, and what is even worse is the actions, or inaction's of the crowd of people who allowed them to run amok in their city.  I am certain that the majority of people, although heart sick and disappointed, would not go around destroying their city just because their hockey team lost the cup.  It is obvious to me that whether the team had won or lost some people were already planning to have their "fun".  The worst of it is that out of ten thousand people perhaps a hundred or so were the culprits, and no one tried to stop it.  This is a sad reflection on us as Canadians.

When I think about the Middle East and all the danger that people are putting themselves into for a slight chance of finally being able to shake off the shackles of their dictators it makes me even more disgusted at my fellow citizens.  Shame on you.  People are being tortured, are losing everything they have, have died by the thousands recently for a cause they thought was important enough to make the ultimate sacrifice for.  Yet here in Canada thousands of people mill around watching as a few morons are allowed to destroy their city and their reputations.

Shame on us.

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