Thursday, June 23, 2011


Yes Boing! is the sound I think that my computer should make when it comes back on line.  Three days after a "weather event" I am finally back on line.  Even though I took the precaution of turning all my electronics off and unplugging them from the walls when the booming was still a way away, my internet crashed.  It is frustrating but I do have to remember that I am living in the land of power outages and shit like this will always continue to happen here.  Apparently the tech guys they sent out said that the tower which we are getting our signal from was not reset after the storm.  Plus, our receiver may have gotten wet.  Really?  I can't believe that.  Just because the heavens opened up and poured bucket upon bucket of water on us that our receiver could have gotten damp?  Hard to believe.  And, oh yeah, we live in a land where that happens a LOT, do you think you might want to install a receiver which is a little more protected?  Seems to me it would save the company a bit of coin.

Speaking of buckets of water, did I mention that we had a big assed hole in the side of our house?  Luckily our speed at getting plywood attached to the hole appeared to be quick enough that the entire house did not fill with water and sink into the earth.

Speaking of holes in the side of the house, we no longer have one.  Yeah us!  Mr Renovation Man managed to build a frame to hold our window, and with the help of a couple of kindly neighbours we managed to get the bay into place.

This is what we started with.

This is what it looked like two days and a bit of rain later.

This is what it looked like after a considerable amount of pretty-fying.

This is what it looks like now.

The outside view, while still under construction.

Oh and here is a picture of a very helpful dust bunny.

Wait.  That isn't a dust bunny, I think it may be a dust kitty.

Admittedly I have absolutely no experience with cats and therefore did not have any idea how helpful they could be.  But it turns out that they are as helpful, if not more, than German Shepherds.  What do you think would possess a tiny little fur ball like Karson to have a nap in a dust pan?  Out of the thousand other places in the house which would be much more conducive to a nice afternoon nap, she picks a hard, cold plastic surface to bed down for a snooze.

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