Thursday, June 9, 2011

Moving Along

Hmmm, I'm a tad bit tired today but I figure I'd better put something on this blog thingy before I forget how.  I have been rather on the busy side these days, and my horoscope predicts that I will continue to be busy for the foreseeable future.  So if I don't take a couple of minutes to add a few lines now I may not get around to it again for a goodly amount of time.

I can most assuredly say that things are moving along at a pretty good clip.  (On the renovation front that is.)  This place has effectively been pulled apart and is in the slower process of being put back together, well sort of.  We now officially have brand spanking new windows in four rooms.  We are lacking some drywall in three rooms seeing as we ripped and tore out a bunch of it in time for the big spring pick up.  And boy did we ever have a lot to get picked up. Here is a picture of a bit of the pile. 

I had to take two days off to run the parental unit into hospital A in one town, and then hospital B in the city, so the other half of this renovation team (the most useful member of the team) was left to fend for himself.  He managed to get one window in all by his onesies.  That man never ceases to amaze me.  Luckily we had gone wild with demolition before I had to leave so he only had to work on putting things back together again.  A little like all the kings horses. 

Oops, I have to sign off now, the thunderstorm that they have been predicting all day is starting and I want to shutdown and unplug this magic box of mine.  More later. 

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