Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rainy Days and Nap Time

Today was day two of rain, not serious rain mind you, just enough to make it not all that much fun to do outside things on the house.  It turns out that this camper wouldn't have been all that much good at doing anything anyway, I had a serious case of staying up way too late last night and getting up way too early in the morning.  So after lunch I did a crash and burn on the couch so me and the One Pound Wonder ended up napping until six thirty in the evening.

 Kit and Karson having a little supper together.

This is what the bedroom looked like just as we started renovations.  It broke my heart when we had to get rid of the lovely wall paper, and the beautiful closet, but some things just have to go when you are renovating.

No your eyes aren't going all wonky it's just the drywall dust in the air.

Making a jail for the new window, either that or having to support the wall until a new window frame can be built.  I can never remember which one it is.

And here's the first new window!

Here's window number two.

Oh and here's some R20 to replace some of that R2.5 we pulled out.  The pink kinda reminds me of the old wall paper.  

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